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Partial Dentures

Is a gap in your smile affecting your quality of life?

Farless Dental has a potential solution in partial dentures. You can restore your form and function as well as the look of your smile, all with a perfect fit. And since partial dentures merely fill the gaps around your healthy teeth, you retain more of your natural smile.

Learn more about our Greensboro partial denture options and get the smile you’ve always wanted.

Partial Dentures in Greensboro NC

Partial Dentures to Fill the Gap

Filling a gap in your smile due to missing teeth is about more than just aesthetics. While looks are an added benefit, the real reason filling large gaps is so important has to do with the form and function of your bite.  When you lose one or more teeth, it changes the way you bite. This change in biting pressure will eventually cause your teeth to move around, something that can wreak havoc on an otherwise healthy smile.

Uneven bite pressure can have even greater effects on your appearance, because a proper bite stimulates the bone and muscles in the jaw. Without this stimulation to promote bone retention, the bone can recede. This can cause your face to develop a a saggy appearance, with wrinkling around the mouth. Luckily, a properly fitting can prevent these issues from ever occurring!

To keep your bite pressure consistent and to prevent the shifting of teeth, visit Dr. Farless or Dr. Locklear for an evaluation. Using the technological tools at his disposal, he can design a custom partial denture to fill the gap in your smile. And because the partial denture is customized to your specific needs, it will seamlessly blend in with your natural smile as it prevents the serious oral health problems that can result from an unfilled gap.

Since they retain more of your natural tooth structure while filling the gaps that cause problems, partial dentures could be the solution for your smile!

Quality Partial Dentures = A Perfect Fit

Having a great fit is vital to the success of any prosthesis. That’s why Dr. Farless and Dr. Locklear take great care to ensure your partial dentures fit perfectly into your mouth, matching your surrounding teeth and providing you with a natural feeling bite.

Dr. Farless and Dr. Locklear make use of the latest technology to make precise measurements of the area that needs to be filled with your new partial dentures. After taking impressions and other determinations, We have your partial denture fabricated. Finally, at another appointment your dentist will make minor adjustments as necessary to the prosthesis to ensure that you’re comfortable with your ability to speak and chew without difficulty.

Affordable Partial Dentures: A Great Solution at an Agreeable Price

Often, there are many options to help correct a dental problem, such as gaps in your smile due to missing teeth. While it’s true that dental implants can lead to fantastic results, there are also advantages to having a classic partial denture created for you by Dr. Farless or Dr. Locklear.

Because dental implants involve the placement of titanium rods in your jaw bone, two significant procedures are required: one to place the rods, and one to add any prosthesis. Because healing time is necessary between appointments, it can take some time before you’re back on the road to optimal oral health. Meanwhile, we can take impressions and create your custom partial denture in significantly less time.

Another consideration is cost. Partial dentures from Farless Dental can improve your form and function, allow you to speak and chew properly, support solid bite pressure, and improve your appearance, all at a fraction of the cost of dental implants.

As with all aspects of your dental care, you should talk things over with Dr. Farless or Dr. Locklear. No two patients are alike, and your unique smile has unique needs.

Get Back on the Road to Optimal Oral Health with Partial Dentures

Don’t let missing teeth start a negative chain reaction for your smile. Fill those gaps with a custom partial denture from Dr. Farless or Dr. Locklear. Your removable denture will be made to fit perfectly, improve your form and function, allow you to keep as much natural tooth structure as possible, and keep you looking happy and healthy. Talk to your Farless dentist and this team today about whether partial dentures are right for you.