Month: February 2022

Gum disease is serious

Everything You Need to Know About Gum Disease

By Graham E. Farless, DDS, PA / February 22, 2022 /

Answering 7 Common Questions About Gum Disease Achieving optimal oral health isn’t just about having decay-free teeth, it’s also about protecting your gums. Understanding what gum disease is and how to prevent it is the first step in maintaining or restoring your smile’s full health. Gum disease is an oral health condition that impacts millions…

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Know the early signs of gum disease

8 Common Causes of Gum Disease You Should Guard Against

By Graham E. Farless, DDS, PA / February 1, 2022 /

It is possible to prevent gum disease. Periodontal disease, or gum disease as it’s often called, poses a significant threat to oral health in adults age 30 and older. CDC statistics show that nearly half of adults have some level of gum disease, and the percentage only increases with age: close to 70% of adults…

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