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Dental Technology in Our Practice

Early Detection of
Oral Health Concerns

Faster Diagnosis and Overall Treatment Time

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Comfortable and Safe Digital Imaging for Patients

Dental Technology and Patient Care

Enhancing Your Experience at Our Practice

Every patient deserves to have the highest level of dental care possible. To provide our patients with a convenient, comfortable, and modern experience during appointments we've outfitted our practice with cutting-edge dental technology and tools.

From checking in at our front desk to receiving gentle, compassionate care in the exam room, dental technology helps make your experience stress-free and enjoyable.

CEREC Dental Restorations

Say goodbye to waiting weeks for your new dental crown. Using CEREC technology we're able to design, mill, and place your new ceramic dental crown in a single visit. We specifically use Primescan for taking impressions and Primemill for the milling of the crown.

Once your crown is completed we'll prep your tooth, permanently place it, and you'll be all set to enjoy your beautifully restored tooth.

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I trust Dr. Farless and his team of dedicated professionals with all of my dental care. They're not only technically proficient; there is a persuasive spirit of empathy and genuine caring for each patient. That's why I am a patient and that's also why I have recommended them to my friends.


Digital Dental Impressions

If you've ever had dental impressions taken the traditional way you might recall the unpleasant and messy process of biting down on dental putty. We've upgraded our practice to digital dental impressions, which involves no putty and offers far more accuracy.

We use Primescan for taking digital impressions for any restorative and cosmetic dentistry services that require a digital mold of the treated tooth.

Dental Diode Laser

For any soft tissue oral surgery, we use an NVPRO3 dental diode microlaser. This laser technology allows our dentists to achieve extreme precision during treatment while simultaneously reducing risks of infection.

Our dentists aren't the only ones that love laser dentistry. As a patient you'll feel much more comfortable during your oral surgery procedure and experience a faster healing period afterward.

Nitrous Oxide

Do visits to the dentist make you feel a bit anxious? Dental anxiety is a very common emotion patients may feel and can often pop up even when a patient feels very comfortable with us. To help make patients feel as comfortable as possible we offer nitrous oxide sedation right in our office.

By breathing in the slightly sweet-smelling gas you'll feel relaxed, happy, and maybe a little sleepy too. After treatment is complete we'll switch you to pure oxygen and then remove the mask. You'll return to feeling normal very quickly without the lingering effects stronger forms of sedation may cause.

Cone Beam 3D Imaging

Cone beam 3D imaging is the pinnacle of digital imaging technology in the field of dentistry. It takes about 10 seconds to capture the image and results in a complete 3D image of your facial and jaw structure. We can use this digital replica to evaluate every aspect of your smile and to plan cosmetic or restorative treatment. You'll also be able to view this digital replica right on your dentist's screen.

Cone beam 3D imaging is an extremely valuable tool for intensive cosmetic and restorative treatment plans. We also like to inform patients that Cone beam 3D imaging is very safe, producing much lower doses of radiation than traditional CT scans.

Take a look at before and after photos of a few of our happy patients.

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OralID cancer screening

Oral cancer is an especially dangerous form of cancer, primarily because it often isn't diagnosed until it's reached a late stage. We take oral cancer screening very seriously for all of our patients. Not only do we visually inspect for signs of tissue abnormalities in your mouth during routine checkups but we also use an OralID.

OralID is a handheld light sensor we use to scan over your gums and soft tissues in your mouth. Known as fluorescence technology, this blue light will show if there is any abnormal tissue, including growths that aren't yet visible to the naked eye.

Intraoral Cameras

Do you ever wonder what your dentist is seeing during an examination? Intraoral cameras are useful handheld devices with a wand-like attachment on the head. At the end of this wand is a small camera that your dentist will use to look around your mouth. The feed from the camera will show up right on our computer screen.

By watching on the computer monitor or an iPad, you'll be able to see everything inside your mouth in real time right alongside your dentist.

Digital X-rays

Radiographs, or X-rays as we often call them, are one of the most important diagnostic tools in a dentist's office. We've updated our system to digital X-rays, to the benefit of both our dental team as well as our patients.

Digital X-rays produce an instant image for dentists to evaluate, which means less downtime and a quicker diagnosis. Most importantly, patients are exposed to less radiation with digital X-rays compared to traditional X-rays.

Digital Charting and Paperless Patient Forms

Reducing paper documents is not only environmentally friendly, it also minimizes chances of lost forms and human error. Our dental practice relies on digital charting for our patients to ensure each patient's file is accurate, up to date, and easily accessible.

We are also switching to paperless patient forms whenever possible. Our new patient forms can be viewed right on our website and filled in digitally.

Coming Soon: 3D Printing

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Dr. Farless, and all the staff are very professional and courteous. Also, everything is highly clean, hygienic and comfortable. Our family is always very happy to be taken care of by them!


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