Month: March 2016

Getting The Smile You Want With Smile Design

By Graham E. Farless, DDS, PA / March 29, 2016 /

To put simply, a smile design treatment involves the improvement of the appearance of one’s smile through a number of cosmetic dentistry procedures, ranging from dental veneers, to tooth whitening, implants and so on. While purely elective, smile design treatments aren’t just for show, as the different treatment options also have functional benefits. Smile Design…

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Fighting Off Periodontal Disease

By Graham E. Farless, DDS, PA / March 17, 2016 /

In its earliest stage, periodontal disease can cause some unsightly bleeding and swelling in the gums. Though, if neglected and allowed to progress, the disease can cause loss of teeth, among many other complications. Fortunately, periodontal disease is both treatable and preventable. In some cases, periodontal disease can also be reversed, especially in its earliest…

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How the Food You Eat Affects Your Oral Health

By Graham E. Farless, DDS, PA / March 11, 2016 /

Most people already know how certain food items can affect the teeth, mainly as to how some can lead to discoloration, as well as other oral problems. Regular consumption of sugary sweets, for one, is notorious for causing poor health, which is why most dental professionals discourage doing so. However, the connection between the food…

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