Month: June 2015

A Perfect Smile in Six Months with Six Month Smiles!

By Graham E. Farless, DDS, PA / June 29, 2015 /

What if you could get a perfect smile in six months? It may sound unbelievable but you can achieve a beautiful smile in surprisingly little time! We’re talking about Six Month Smiles. You’ve probably never heard of Six Month Smiles so we’re composed this blog to summarize and answer some questions that come up on…

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Cosmetic Dentistry Benefits

By Graham E. Farless, DDS, PA / June 19, 2015 /

Let’s take a look at a few of the cosmetic dentistry benefits of having a smile you are proud to show off. Have you been considering fixing that chipped tooth, or maybe those small gaps in your teeth, or how about even an entire overhaul? From subtle changes to major repairs, your dentist can perform…

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Removal of Wisdom Teeth

By Graham E. Farless, DDS, PA / June 10, 2015 /

What happens during the removal of wisdom teeth? Let’s take a look. An oral surgeon or your dentist can remove (extract) a wisdom tooth/teeth. The procedure often can be done in the dentist’s or surgeon’s office. You may have the surgery in the hospital, especially if you are having all your wisdom teeth pulled at…

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