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Dental Crowns

Everyone loves to make a good impression! Your smile is an important part of that impression. Don’t let cracks, chips, erosion, and decay make you self-conscious. Dr. Farless and Dr. Locklear can fix your dental imperfections with dental crowns. Enjoy the extra boost of confidence in your personal and professional life that comes with a bright, white smile with a dental crown from Farless Dental.

Dental Crowns Restore Beauty, Stability, and Function 


What is a Dental Crown?

Your dental crown is a custom-designed tooth-shaped prosthetic (tooth replacement) that bonds to your existing tooth. Dr. Farless and Dr. Locklear design these aesthetically beautiful, durable, and tooth-colored crowns according to your tooth measurements and fitted over your tooth. With a crown, your dentist can restore your tooth’s size and shape, increase its strength, and enhance its performance. Dr. Farless or Dr. Locklear will cement your dental crown into place, providing your tooth with full protection for a lasting restoration. There are many reasons you may require a dental crown. Some of these include:

  • Covering dental implants.
  • Restoring your tooth after a root canal procedure.
  • Completing larger cavities that cannot be treated with filling alone.
  • Enhancing the look of misshapen or discolored teeth.
  • Strengthening weak, worn down, or cracked teeth.
  • Filling the gaps from missing teeth when you need a bridge.

Even children can even benefit from dental crowns. The Farless Dental Team can use dental crowns to help repair the damage due to decay in younger patients’ baby teeth.

Types of Dental Crowns

Your smile is like no other, so you deserve dental care customized to you. For this reason, dental crowns are not one-size-fits-all. They can be adapted to a variety of needs, from temporary fixtures to permanent restorations. Additionally, your crowns can be designed out of an array of materials, depending on what’s the right fit for your smile.

In most cases, we recommend CEREC crowns due to their precision and the time it can save you.

Same-Day Crowns with CEREC™

Thanks to an amazing dental technology called CEREC™, your dentist can custom create dental crowns right in his office, so you can walk out of the dentist’s office with a same-day restoration. With our state of the art CEREC CAD/CAM system we are able to digitally create crowns that can be made and bonded on the same day. Our digital impressions produce a crown with a precise bite and fit.

This technology eliminates a temporary crown, full mouth impression and 3 week wait for the crown to be made in a lab, saving you time and your time is valuable.

Stainless Steel Dental Crowns

Your temporary dental crown can take many forms. One popular material is stainless steel. This sturdy material will protect your tooth while a permanent restoration is being fabricated. Stainless steel crowns may also be employed in younger patients. If your child needs protection from further tooth decay, Dr. Farless or Dr. Locklear may place a stainless steel dental crown. Then when your child’s permanent tooth surfaces, the crown will naturally come off.


Traditionally, a permanent crown to fix a troublesome tooth has been made of precious metal alloys with a high content of platinum or gold, or other alloys such as nickel-chromium and cobalt-chromium. These materials have been carefully chosen for their durability. With a metal alloy dental crown, your smile can stand up to the long-term wear and tear of chewing and biting. While they rarely break or chip, dental crowns made from metals don’t easily blend in with your natural smile. For this reason, they’re often used for your back teeth, such as molars.

Porcelain Fused to Metal

For a dental crown on either a front or back tooth, another solid option for your smile is a crown made of porcelain fused to metal. This is the type of crown Dr. Farless or Dr. Locklear might choose for you if you need a bridge, which demands metal strength. One great advantage of porcelain crowns is aesthetics: Dr. Farless can perfectly match the porcelain to the color and shape of your surrounding teeth. However, it should be noted that crowns made of porcelain fused to metal may show wear over time, and are more susceptible to chipping or breaking.


For a more affordable option to correct a problematic tooth in your smile, all-resin crowns are a great option. Like porcelain fused to metal, they are aesthetically pleasing, but less durable than other options.

All-Porcelain or All-Ceramic

For the ultimate restoration that will leave you with a beautiful, natural looking smile, there may be no better option than all-porcelain crowns. Dr. Farless or Dr. Locklear can customize your porcelain dental crown to seamlessly blend in with your surrounding teeth. These durable restorations are also perfect if you have any allergies to metals.

When Might You Need a Dental Crown?

There are many reasons you might require a dental crown, and your dentist will be the one who recommends a crown when needed. No matter what the cause, you’ll enjoy a dental crown treatment plan to fit your needs and give you back a functioning, beautiful smile.

1. Following a root canal

If one or more of your teeth is irreparably infected or decayed, your dentist may suggest a root canal procedure. After the root canal is complete, Dr. Farless or Dr. Locklear will complete your treatment with a custom-designed dental crown, restoring your tooth to optimal health and strength.

2. Cosmetic purposes

Are you self-conscious of your smile due to discolored or damaged teeth? If so, Dr. Farless or Dr. Locklear can enhance your appearance with a ceramic or porcelain crown. From large chips to unappealing fillings, we can address a variety of cosmetic issues with the placement of a dental crown.

3. Teeth in danger of breaking

If you have a cracked tooth, you could not only experience pain due to increased sensitivity, you could also be at risk for further damage. A crack means your tooth structure is likely weak and demands a crown for structural support. A dental crown is an efficient way to combat these issues. Note: hairlines cracks are usually not a cause for concern. Your dentist will be able to tell you if the crack in your tooth requires a crown or is merely an aesthetic or cosmetic issue.

4. Following dental implants

Dr. Farless or Dr. Locklear may recommend a dental implant if you have one or more missing teeth or are experiencing problems from traditional dentures. An implant acts as a substitute for your tooth’s root, creating an ideal environment to place a lasting restoration. If you need dental implants, Dr. Farless or Dr. Locklear may employ a dental crown to act as the replacement until your implant fuses to the jawbone. Then, following the implantation, your doctor will use a dental crown to cover the implant.

The Benefits of a Dental Crowns

1. It can relieve your discomfort.

If you’ve had dental procedure to repair damage to your tooth’s structure or enamel, Dr. Farless or Dr. Locklear will likely recommend a dental crown to complete your treatment. Whether you are suffering from a tooth root infection, oral trauma such as a breakage or fracture, or simply extensive tooth decay, there’s a good chance you will be experiencing pain or discomfort. With a thorough treatment of the problem by your Farless Dental team and the application of a custom dental crown to fortify the tooth against further damage, you can say goodbye to pain, discomfort, and tooth sensitivity.

2. It’s a simple procedure.

If you think dental crown procedures are intensive or complicated treatments, you’ll be pleased to know you’re mistaken. The process is quite straightforward and minimally invasive. Once your tooth enamel is clean and healthy, Dr. Farless or Dr. Locklear will take impressions of your teeth and send them to the lab where your custom crown will be handcrafted. Then he and his team will place the finished crown over your tooth with the help of strong bonding cement.

3. It’s custom made for your smile.

Your unique smile will have crowns designed according to your exact specifications regarding size, color, shape, and fit. You can be confident that this personalized treatment will suit your preferences, needs, and budget.

4. It can enhance your smile’s aesthetics.

Even though dentists routinely use crowns in restorative procedures, they also have cosmetic benefits. Because they are designed to fit over your teeth, they instantly correct discoloration and stains, crookedness, fractures, cracks, chips, and more. For this reason, dental crowns are a cornerstone of cosmetic dentistry.

5. It can last for years.

With proper home care, a dental crown from Dr. Farless or Dr. Locklear can last from anywhere between 15 and 30 years. Dental crowns offer strength and stability by protecting the underlying teeth, but a perfect fit is key. If a crown does not fit properly, there is a risk of bacteria buildup, which will cause gradual tooth decay. Because of this, Dr. Farless and Dr. Locklear take care to evaluate all critical factors, such as the gum and its surrounding structure, to ensure that the tissue below is healthy. Ultimately, your dental crowns will not only enhance your appearance but will also fortify your tooth by adding a layer of strength and protection.