Getting The Smile You Want With Smile Design

Smile DesignTo put simply, a smile design treatment involves the improvement of the appearance of one’s smile through a number of cosmetic dentistry procedures, ranging from dental veneers, to tooth whitening, implants and so on.

While purely elective, smile design treatments aren’t just for show, as the different treatment options also have functional benefits.

Smile Design Considerations

Your cosmetic dentist will review with you different aspects of your smile that you’d like to improve on, such as:

  • Tooth color – Natural, tooth-colored composite restorations are often recommended in place of silver or amalgam dental fillings. To achieve the same effect, teeth whitening procedures are used to help improve the color of teeth, resulting in a more youthful appearance. The cosmetic dentist will also consider your skin tone and your facial appearance to achieve the right balance in providing you with a better-looking smile without making it stand out too much.
  • Proper alignment and spacing – Crooked, overlapping and gaps in between teeth are fixed by straightening and aligning them through orthodontics. Alternatively, Invisalign or veneers may also be used.
  • Missing teeth – Missing teeth are replaced with dental implants, or bridges or even partial dentures, depending on the particular case and the patient’s budget.

Among others that will be considered is finding the right type of harmony and balance when achieving the target smile. The cosmetic dentist may also consider additional orthodontic treatment and/or oral maxillofacial surgery to help improve or rejuvenate an unshapely or aging face.

The Different Achievable Smiles

While each smile is different, they all have one thing in common and they’re all the result of the combination of the shape of the six teeth found in the front. And, because of the huge impact the front six teeth have on how the overall smile looks, cosmetic dentists often pay more attention to them.

When it comes to smile design, cosmetic dentists generally ask patients to pattern their resulting smiles to the different smile types available, with the seven (7) most popular as follows:

  • Enhanced Style – This popular smile style is most notable for its soft edges and the second teeth from the center being much shorter than that of the front. This usually results in a youthful effect that fits women very well.
  • Hollywood Style – This smile style fits best for those who’d love to have toothy smiles, or those who want to show off a lot more teeth when smiling.
  • Oval Style – The round edges on the four front teeth make this smile style best suited for those with round faces.
  • Aggressive Style – The tooth edges are a bit flat and straight, giving off a more “aggressive” look, hence the name. This style is best suited for mature, older men.
  • Youthful Style – The style aims to give off the illusion that one is a lot younger than it seems. This is usually recommended for teenagers and young adults, though older individuals may opt for this type of smile.
  • Mature Style – This style is similar to aggressive style, in which the edges are a bit flat. Though, that only holds true for the first four teeth. Again, like the aggressive smile style, this is recommended for
  • Softened Style – For those who think that the youthful smile style makes them look a lot younger than they’d like, the softened style offers a similar, yet slightly more mature effect.

Each Smile is Unique

While the cosmetic dentist is the one who’s trained to do the actual procedures, they do place a significant importance to their patient’s tastes and smile goals.

Make sure that you choose a well-known cosmetic dentist that has had a long history of satisfied patients. Then, make it a point to discuss thoroughly each part of the process, so that you end up achieving the smile that you’ve always wanted.

If you’re looking to transform your smile, enhancing you smile with smile design may be the perfect option for you. Contact Dr. Graham Farless, DDS at 336-282-2868 to schedule a consultation today or visit for more information regarding smile design.