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Sleep tips for a better night

7 Ways To Ensure You Get the Best Night’s Rest

By Graham E. Farless, DDS, PA | April 1, 2023

Follow these sleep tips to get at least seven hours of sleep each night.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than a third of American adults are not getting enough sleep regularly. It can be hard on our bodies when we don’t get at least the recommended seven hours of…

What is causing your sleep issues

3 Possible Reasons You May Be Waking Up So Often During the Night

By Graham E. Farless, DDS, PA | March 15, 2023

Common Sleep Issues That Cause Disruption and Ways to Resolve Them Do you find yourself waking up throughout the night? These nighttime disruptions can take a heavy toll on your energy during the day, and it isn’t always clear what’s behind these sleep issues. Here are three key reasons why you may be experiencing sleep…

Take care of your dental implants

3 Ways to Tell That Your Dental Implant Needs to Be Restored

By Graham E. Farless, DDS, PA | March 1, 2023

Dental implants are often the best option for tooth replacement. They let you enjoy your smile’s restored appearance and function for many years. At some point, the replacement teeth your dental implants support may need replacement. These signs may indicate that you need dental implant restoration. Dental Implants and Implant Restoration There’s an important difference…

How can I change my smile

If You Could Feel More Confident With Your Smile, What Would You Change?

By Graham E. Farless, DDS, PA | February 15, 2023

Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions for Common Smile Flaws When you see your smile, how does it make you feel? Many people aren’t entirely happy with their smile’s appearance. They may feel their teeth are yellow or crooked, or the gap between their front teeth may be embarrassing them. If you feel bothered by your smile or…

Get your smile back with veneers

8 Ways Veneers Can Give You Your Smile Back

By Graham E. Farless, DDS, PA | February 3, 2023

Unfortunately, many people live in dissatisfaction with their smile, not realizing that they don’t have to live this way. Cosmetic dentistry is an excellent solution for people who want help loving their smile. And the best thing is that your smile makeover can be customized to you—whether you want teeth whitening, a new crown, orthodontics,…

Stay ahead of gum disease

Gum Disease Can Be Silent: Here’s How to Stay Ahead of It

By Graham E. Farless, DDS, PA | January 21, 2023

We always hear about illnesses that suddenly rear their ugly head  without warning. High blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and various cancers can all sneak up on us. And gum disease is yet another illness that can creep up on us while we are entirely unaware since it is painless until relatively advanced. Thankfully, for…

SureSmile Aligners for straighter teeth

5 Excellent Benefits of SureSmile Aligners

By Graham E. Farless, DDS, PA | January 4, 2023

We can all agree on the power of a great smile. We’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat it here. Your smile can light up a room and make you stand out from the crowd. Your smile can make you more endearing to people you meet, and it can even help you catch the eye…

Take care of your overall health

5 Simple Ways to Invest in Your Overall Health

By Graham E. Farless, DDS, PA | December 27, 2022

Simple Habits To Help You Live Your Best Life We all want to prioritize our health, but sometimes life just gets in the way. The truth is there are simple ways to look after yourself that won’t take much effort or time. When you practice good, everyday habits, you’ll notice you feel better, so you’ll…

Understanding overdentures

Overdentures: What They Are, When They’re Used, and 5 Other FAQs

By Graham E. Farless, DDS, PA | December 8, 2022

If you are missing all of your teeth and are worried about tooth replacement, you are certainly not alone. In fact, The American College of Prosthodontists estimates that over 35 million Americans are edentulous and missing every tooth. But, the good news is that dentistry has advanced, so you don’t need to worry about old-fashioned…

Full mouth reconstruction

5 Ways a Full Mouth Reconstruction Can Enrich Your Life

By Graham E. Farless, DDS, PA | November 14, 2022

Rebuilding Your Smile With a Full Mouth Reconstruction For many people, a full mouth reconstruction is the key to regaining a smile that’s functional, healthy, and beautiful. It helps them to have a smile that they can feel truly, completely confident in! If you’re first learning about a full mouth reconstruction, however, you might be…


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