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Farless and the 5-star review

How Did Farless Dental in Greensboro, NC, Get a 5-Star Google Review Rating?

By Graham E. Farless, DDS, PA / August 31, 2021 /

The Best Dentist in Greensboro, According to Patients An unspoken (universally acknowledged) truth in the dental world is if you like your dentist and their dental staff, you’re more likely to (1) schedule regular appointments, (2) follow aftercare instructions, and (3) take better care of your teeth to maintain your beautiful smile. This makes choosing…

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The Top Questions Parents Ask About Dental Health

By Graham E. Farless, DDS, PA / June 30, 2021 /

Your Questions About Your Child’s Dental Health Answered. Are you looking for a family dentist? As you weigh your local options, it’s natural to have plenty of questions. After all, this is the team you’ll trust to take care of your loved ones’ dental health for years to come. You want to make sure you…

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Is Dr. Farless a Family Dentist or a Pediatrician? And What’s the Difference?

By Graham E. Farless, DDS, PA / May 22, 2021 /

Looking for a family dentist in Greensboro, North Carolina? Choosing a dentist for yourself is hard enough, but finding one for the entire family can be very difficult. If you are looking for a family dentist in Greensboro, NC, Farless Dental Group is a comprehensive group that treats all stages of life. Some parents believe…

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Do You Have a Dental Emergency Plan?

By Graham E. Farless, DDS, PA / April 15, 2020 /

You can’t always predict a dental emergency, but you can plan for one. Dental emergencies send about one million Americans to the ER every year, but they’re also one of the more avoidable types of emergencies. Certain dental emergencies relating to trauma can’t be predicted, such as an accident leading to a tooth being knocked…

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How to Make the Most Out of Winter in Greensboro, NC

By Graham E. Farless, DDS, PA / November 19, 2019 /

While the cold weather can make you feel bored and cooped up inside, there are plenty of ways you can make the most of this winter in Greensboro.

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The Surprising Ways Our Gums Can Impact Our Oral Health

By Graham E. Farless, DDS, PA / August 27, 2019 /

Few people need convincing to care for their teeth. Most of us grow up with our parents carefully instilling a regular brushing habit into our day-to-day routine. From the time we can hold a toothbrush, we are reminded of the importance in keeping our teeth safe from decay and cavities. But what about gums health? 

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10 Healthy Habits for a Happy Summer

By Graham E. Farless, DDS, PA / July 9, 2019 /

Summer is the perfect opportunity to kick back and relax a little, whether you’re packing your bags and heading off with the family or having a staycation in your backyard. But not everyone is in holiday mode. In fact, for the cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth, vacation time is the perfect opportunity to wreak havoc…

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10 Benefits of Choosing Your Hometown Dentist

By Graham E. Farless, DDS, PA / February 20, 2019 /

No matter how much we want to dismiss, deny, or roll our eyes at them, it turns out that what our mothers taught us as children at home really does apply to many situations throughout our adult lives.   “Bigger isn’t always better.” “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the…

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Can Our Smiles Prevent Heart Disease?

By Graham E. Farless, DDS, PA / February 28, 2018 /

Can smiles prevent heart disease? We think so, and here are a few reasons why. February is American Heart Month. And while it is important that a healthy heart is fantastic for our overall health, have you ever thought about it being linked to your smile? It sounds off the wall, but it is true.…

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Seal It with a Kiss…of Sealant – Dental Sealant

By Graham E. Farless, DDS, PA / February 20, 2018 /

The easiest way to protect and rebuild a slight dental issue is with dental sealant. Let’s take a look at how dental sealants can be used to improve a smile. We all know that the first thing someone notices about you upon meeting is your smile. Some are good, some are flawed, but it is…

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