National Smile Week – A Smile Is a Powerful Tool

National Smile WeekIt’s National Smile Week! Make your smile powerful!!

Problems with your smile? In this superficial day and age, having crooked teeth is more of an issue than it really should be. As an adolescent, you get teased and may not get a lot of dates, so it can turn out to be a tough road to travel when compounded with the typical growing pains. As an adult, having problems with your smile has a certain stigma, but it isn’t quite as traumatizing as those adolescent years. Since August is home to National Smile Week, we believe that having a great smile not only looks good to those looking at you on the outside, but also makes you feel confident on the inside as well. Those with a pretty smile just seem to feel happier in general.

How do we get these pretty smiles? Having a good daily dental regime and regular checkups is the obvious start. After all, it all starts at home. Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing and a quick mouthwash rinse is a great way to keep dental issues at bay. Keeping a healthy diet free from lots of sugars and teeth-staining foods/drinks will also keep your teeth white and cavity-free. In fact, there are lots of foods that can actually help clean your teeth while you eat! Foods like apples, oranges, strawberries, broccoli, and celery naturally clean your teeth while you eat them. Dairy foods help teeth out with calcium-strengthening goodness. Can’t go wrong with that!

But what about us that have healthy teeth, but aren’t exactly the straightest? Or perhaps it’s more of an issue to fix your less than perfect grin. Don’t worry. No matter who is in need of a perfect set of pearly whites, there are tons of options on the market you can go with. The problem is…Which is the better choice to fix those funky fangs, tried-and-true braces or the inconspicuous Invisalign? Inlays or overlays? Full dentures or partial bridges? Unfortunately, only your dental professional can tell you that. If you are looking to complete your smile makeover, contact Dr. Farless as soon as possible for a consultation.

It’s important to look after your teeth. Not only cosmetically, but because a smiling face has a certain confidence that attracts everyone around you. Happy National Smile Week! Say cheese!!!

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