Clear Correct – Overview and Benefits

Invisible braces

When it comes to orthodontic treatments, there’s no such thing as the perfect solution. Each procedure has its different set of advantages, as well as disadvantages and in addition to that, each patient’s case is different from one another.

That being said, clear correct is not an exception.

Clear Correct, for those that do not know, is an orthodontic treatment that can help those with problems like crooked and misaligned teeth, as well as those with uneven gaps in between.

Benefits of Using Clear Correct

  • It’s near invisible. Being that the procedure uses clear, plastic aligners, clear correct are almost completely unnoticeable when worn. This makes Clear Correct the best choice for image-conscious teenagers and adults who feel awkward about how they would look like with traditional braces.
  • They’re comfortable to wear. Clear Correct is made out of plastic and are made to fit perfectly inside the mouth. This makes them a lot more comfortable to wear compared to traditional metal braces.
  • You can remove them anytime you want. The main problem with traditional metal braces is that they make brushing, especially flossing, more of a chore than both already are. Plus, wearers would have to avoid certain meals to avoid messing them up. But, with Clear Correct, wearers don’t have to worry about making such adjustments because they can easily be removed when necessary. This is also a huge plus for those involved in contact sports.
  • Less frequent dental visits. With Clear Correct, dental visits will be far and few from between. Wearers won’t have to have them readjusted because you’ll already be given all you need plus a spare (or more) during the initial visit. This then allows you to have more control of your schedule because you don’t have to go to the dentist as often.

Things To Consider Before Making a Decision

As good as Clear Correct is, it’s not exactly perfect and it’s not always the best choice over traditional metal braces.

Before making a decision, make sure that you consider the following first:

  • Compliance with the treatment plan. Unlike traditional braces, the success of Clear Correct depends on how you’re able to comply with the treatment plan. This is because the process involves the use of aligners that are designed to be worn one after another. The aligners will have to be worn at all times, except when you’re eating, brushing and flossing your teeth. The more often you take the aligners off, the more likely the treatment will turn out to be a huge failure.
  • Proper care and maintenance. Although it is easy to replace a damaged aligner and you do almost always get a spare, keeping it clean and taking care of it is a different story. Aligners will need to be washed and gently brushed, much like your teeth. Aligners (and even a spare) should also be with you at all times and it’s important to always carry a container to keep it safe when eating. Your dentist will also likely have a few more additional instructions to give to you in regards to taking proper care of your aligners.

Clear Correct Isn’t For Everybody

Even though Clear Correct is a very effective treatment option and can correct a variety of dental problems, it just isn’t suitable for certain cases. Also, as mentioned earlier, the success of the treatment mainly depends on how disciplined and responsible you are in regards to taking proper care of your Clear Correct. If you’re interested in having your broken, misaligned and crooked teeth fixed, make an appointment with Graham Fareless DDS at 336-282-2868. Visit the website at