What to Do When Your Mouth HurtsSlips and accidents happen. When they involve knocking your teeth, it can be an extremely painful few moments while trying to find an emergency dentist to help. Let’s take a look at what to do when your mouth hurts.

There are many instances in our lives that have led to pain in our mouths. From cavities to missing teeth, life seems to have a way of sneaking up on us and forcing us to see the dentist in a pinch. But while you are waiting, there are a few things you can do in order to relieve some of the pain or severity of it all. Let’s take a look at the issue and what can be done while you wait for an appointment…

Causes of Tooth and Gum Pain

Swollen face. There could be a number of reasons this may happen, so a dental visit is definitely necessary as soon as possible as you may have an infection somewhere that will only get worse. Sit upright and don’t sleep flat. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids as well.

Missing tooth. If you tooth is knocked out, pick it up by the crown (or part you bite with) and try sticking it back in it socket. If done properly, you may not need an implant. Just make sure you don’t touch the root.

Broken teeth. If you happen to chip your tooth, don’t worry – it can be fixed. If you aren’t in a lot of pain, this will give you time to see your dental professional. If it is sensitive, you may have gotten down to the dentin. The pain should cease in a bit as saliva remineralizes the area.

Bleeding mouth. Bleeding from the mouth isn’t normal and could be caused by a number of reasons. If it’s gum disease, you’ll find blood on your floss. If it’s in your saliva, it could be something even more severe, like cancer. If this is regularly occurring, see your Greensboro dentist immediately.

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