Wedding Teeth Whitening Routine – Getting Your Smile Camera-Ready

Wedding Teeth Whitening Routine

Need a wedding teeth whitening routine to ensure bright white teeth on your special day? Let’s take a look at your home and in-office options.

With your wedding coming up soon, you probably already have your hands full going from the baker to the tailor and to the florist. As busy as you already are, though, be sure that you don’t forget about your smile and booking a trip to the dentist! After all, who wouldn’t want to flash a set of bright and shiny pearly whites at their wedding?

Luckily, there are plenty of both at-home and in-office teeth whitening treatments available today that can help you achieve the perfect bright and white smile for your wedding.

Teeth Whitening Treatments

There are several whitening options that can be done at home and in the dental office, including:

  • Strips – These are thin, flexible and disposable strips pre-coated with whitening formula. For effective results, all you have to do is follow placement instructions carefully. Afterwards, you simply have to leave them there for around 20-30 minutes for a set amount of days. Because they make minimal contact with gums, strips are considered as the safer option compared to whitening trays and gels.
  • Trays – Also pre-filled with whitening gel, trays ensure users a perfect dose every time it is used. There are two notable downsides, however. First is that there’s a higher likelihood of tooth sensitivity, as it’s harder to minimize contact with gum using trays. Second is that it can be hard to find a tray that fits comfortably inside your mouth for the entire recommended application time.
  • Gels – Messy and can easily irritate gums if not applied right, it’s recommended to buy gels that come with their own applicators. Even then, though, you’d have to be extremely careful when using them.
  • In-office dental procedures – Of course, office professional whitening treatments are the best. Although much more expensive, these treatments provide better, quicker and more noticeable results. The only downside is that whitening treatments are not usually recommended for those with dental problems and less-than optimal oral health. The same goes for those who’ve had previous work done on their teeth, such as tooth-colored fillings, caps and crowns.

Are There Other Alternatives?

Swapping out your toothpaste for whitening toothpastes is a possible option. Many contain mild abrasives that have been proven effective in removing surface stains from teeth. Also, if you’ve had restorative work done on your teeth before, especially the front teeth, dental veneers or bonding can still help you get the look you want on your wedding day.

For minor discolorations, whitening treatments may not even be necessary at all. A quick visit to your favorite Greensboro dentist for professional cleaning may be more than enough to help take care of any unsightly surface stains. Speaking of surface stains, it’s also a good idea to abstain from drinking coffee, tea, red wine and eating stain-causing foods before your big day.

In the days leading up to this unforgettable occasion, you’ll definitely be thanking yourself once you see yourself flashing those beautiful perfectly whites on your wedding photos. Make an appointment today with Dr. Graham Farless in Greensboro, NC by calling 336-282-2868. Visit the website at