Solution Reach, Making it Easy for Our Patients!

solution reachSolution Reach is a new branch of marketing created in order to revolutionize the way individuals communicate, interact, and approach healthcare appointments of any sort.

Using an inventive platform, Solution Reach allows individuals to virtually organize any healthcare provider related information including, but not limited to: Appointments, Online Payments, Confirmations, Reminders, etc. Solution Reach is available on a multitude of devices such as Tablets, Computers, and Cell Phones.

The main purpose of this software is to Bridge the Gap between Healthcare Providers and their patients. In this newly advanced world, individuals have become more dependent on technology. As technology continues to further develop our society, the dependency on personal interactions has lessened and now relies a great deal on the fastest, most efficient ways to get through everyday life. Solution Reach believes that it should not be a hassle to deal with healthcare providers.

Through this technology, healthcare providers and patients will eliminate the stresses of miscommunication and further the emphasis on what is really important: The job itself. No more worrying about missed appointments, delayed payments, and unhappy customers. All key ideas in helping deliver a fully operating software database to please almost every sort of customer.

Graham E. Farless DDS is excited to offer Solution Reach. Be reminded of appointments, access to your healthcare information and improved doctor-patient relationships. Make your dental appointment in Greensboro today with Dr. Farless by calling 336-282-2868. Visit our website at