Painless Dentistry!

Painless Dentistry

Painless dentistry is here. You don’t need to fear a visit to your local Greensboro dentist.

One of the biggest fears of many dental patients is pain. The mere mention of a trip to the dentist immediately makes them think of discomfort and pain, filling them with fear and encouraging them to delay much needed dental visits. However, it’s important to realize that much has changed in dentistry in the past few years, and pain-free dental visits are now not only possible, but also likely.

Many modern dentists are very aware of your fears and aversion to pain – not only does pain hurt you, but it also makes the dentist’s job more difficult, and makes you less likely to return for regular procedures. For that reason, talking to your dentist about your pain tolerance – and anxiety levels – will help them work with you to make sure you feel as little pain as possible.

Using local anesthesia has been common for quite some time, but modern local anesthesia is incredibly effective – a quick injection can prevent you from feeling any pain for the duration of the procedure, and will likely last long enough to help minimize discomfort in the hours after the procedure as well. If you’re worried about the prick of the needle used to inject the local anesthetic, don’t worry! Your dentist will use topical cream (such as lidocaine) to numb you so you can’t feel the needle. Even significant procedures – such as root canals – can use moderate sedation like laughing gas, allowing you to have a root canal without pain or discomfort.

Modern dentistry also has some technological tricks to make your dental visit as pain free as possible. Waterlase systems – which use a combination of water spray and laser energy – are becoming more and more common. They can be used effectively for anything from routine cavities to root canals, and they’re effective without the pressure of a drill, the noise or rotation, or the heat associated with drilling through teeth.

While advancements in anesthesia and technology helps with much of the pain of procedures, most dentists know that much of your anxiety is based on what you expect to hear and feel. To help distract you, some dentists even offer TVs to allow you to pay attention to something other than your teeth, and noise cancelling headphones so you can avoid hearing any drilling as part of the painless dentistry process.

If you’re afraid of a painful dental experience, contact our office today. Advances in technology and dentists that care about delivering a pain free experience can team up to provide you with a great dental procedure time and time again.

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