tooth sensitivity to coldThere is very little more inviting than some ice cream on a hot summer day. Whether you like it in a bowl, a cone or on a stick, there is nothing that says summertime than ice cream. Did you know that July is actually National Ice Cream Month? It’s true. In 1984, President Ronald Reagan declared that the mid-summer month be the perfect representative for celebrating this fun and nutritious food enjoyed by over 90 percent of the country. But what about those 10 percent that don’t? While there are lots of reasons one doesn’t partake in this frozen confection, it is possible they have a tooth sensitivity to cold.

A sensitive tooth appears when your gums shift to show the roots of one or more teeth. This sensitive area of the tooth is the nerve center, or pulp. When something like hot or cold foods reach it, you will feel a kind of shooting pain. There are lots of reasons your gums could shift to reveal this most sensitive of areas. And while it could be triggered by too much acidic food in your diet or your age, it is mainly because of your personal oral care regiment. Our teeth naturally begin to break down as we age or mistreat our mouths, but diseases like gingivitis or grinding your teeth are also plausible reasons why we are beginning to have a sensitivity to certain foods in our diet.

So what do you do to treat a certain sensitivity? First thing’s first, take a look at your daily oral care. Do you brush, floss and rinse every day? If you think you have a solid process, try using a soft toothbrush and toothpaste for sensitive teeth. There are lots of versions you can choose from, and the softer treatment may be just the trick. Watch your diet and try to limit the acidic intake your diet has. If grinding your teeth is the issue, get a mouth guard. The pressure your teeth are dealing with actually wears down your teeth over time, so if that is something you do, get a mouth guard as soon as possible.

Most of all, if your pain persists, go see your dental professional. They have lots of solutions to help reverse the possible damage going on inside your mouth and relieve the tooth sensitivity to cold. Fillings, varnishes and dentin sealers are all options they may place on to the root surface to help fix any discomfort you may be having. So make sure you go visit your dentist regularly to prevent any tooth sensitivity you may have from getting worse. You should be in the 90 percent of Americans that gets to enjoy some ice cream on a hot summer day.

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