Greensboro, NC: Affordable, Cutting Edge, with Southern Hospitality

Greensboro, NC: Affordable, Cutting Edge, with Southern Hospitality

Each year, more and more people are relocating to Greensboro, NC, and with good reason. As it happens, Greensboro, NC, is the complete package for a great place to live and work. The city offers excellent opportunities for those looking for work, and homes are affordable, making it easy to get more space for less than you would at comparable cities across the country. Plus, with plenty of things to do and events happening all the time, it is no surprise that residents love it, and newcomers come to stay.

Why Greensboro, NC, is the place to be.

Just over 10 years ago, Greensboro’s population was just shy of 270,000. In 2020, that population grew closer to 300,000, demonstrating the city’s popularity and the appeal of the surrounding area. But why is it that so many people are flocking to Greensboro, and why do the locals choose to stay?

A sure reason that many people love Greensboro is that the town is set within the Appalachian Mountains in the far east side of North Carolina. Wherever you go, you can see tall mountain peaks and stunning landscapes. There is no shortage of things to do either. Aside from that, Greensboro, NC, has a moderate climate that people of all types love. The summers are warm, although a bit muggy, and winters are short. Throughout the year, temperatures range from 31°F to 87°F, and it rarely drops below 18°F or climbs higher than 94°F.

Greensboro is an inclusive culture with many employment opportunities.

Another reason that so many people love Greensboro is that it is indeed a melting pot of cultures. The inclusive culture draws working millennials every year, and when asked why they come, one of the first things they’ll tell you is that Greensboro has a welcoming culture and that there are plenty of jobs to be had. Many noteworthy companies have made their homes in Greensboro, including Volvo Trucks North America, the Columbia Forest Products, Honda Aircraft Company, ITG Brands, The Fresh Market, Kayser-Roth Corporation, VF Corporation, Mack Trucks, Wrangler, the International Textile Group, and more. As a result, Greensboro has become the beneficiary of talent that has transplanted itself from all over the country.

Top employers over the years have included Guilford County Schools, Cone Health, the City of Greensboro, and the United States Postal Service, though other key industries, as you can see from the list of noteworthy companies, run the gamut from trade, transportation, and utilities, professional and business, to manufacturing, education and health service. As 90% of the population has achieved a high school diploma or higher, and nearly 40% a bachelor’s degree or higher, there are also plenty of skilled workers ready and able to contribute to the local workforce.

Greensboro’s affordability is hard to beat.

Considering the view and the abundance of great companies to work for, Greensboro’s real estate and cost of living are below the national average, making it one of the more affordable cities in the state. The median cost of a home in Greensboro is approximately $143,800 compared to the state average of $187,300.

Further, in October of 2020, Greensboro’s city council approved a plan that commits local funding to improve access to affordable housing. This plan seeks to provide affordable rental homes, reinvest in neighborhoods, provide access to home ownership, and make supportive housing available. So if you are looking to experience all that classic Southern charm has to offer without killing your pocketbook, Greensboro, NC, might be perfect for you.

Greensboro, NC is cutting edge and embraces modern technology, especially cutting-edge dental technology.

A search for some quick facts about Greensboro will tell you that nearly 90% of residents have a home computer, with over 70% of households with a broadband subscription. This means that people are online and engaged. But embracing modern technology doesn’t stop with mobile devices and access to the internet. Greensboro is also known for excellent dental care. Those searching for a Greensboro, NC, dentist often come to Farless Dental Group because of the great hospitality and technology designed to make patients more comfortable.

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Why wait? We look forward to seeing you and telling you about all that Greensboro, NC, has to offer.