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How to Help Your Future College Student Succeed

How to Help Your Future College Student Succeed

There is a strong connection between smiling and success in life.

Did you know your teen’s smile has a significant effect on their success in life?

Studies show individuals with a confident, beautiful smile and straight teeth tend to have higher success in all facets of life, especially their careers and relationships. With your teen getting ready to graduate high school or leave for college and start their own journey, they are at a pivotal point in life. Helping them get a stunning, healthy smile will increase their success at school, in job interviews, and when socializing, and will simply boost their self-confidence.

Here are some ideas for how you can help your teen get their best smile before they leave for college, the workforce, or any other exciting path they’ve chosen to take.

Get any existing oral health issues taken care of before they leave for college.

Oral health issues don’t get better with time. A small cavity in your teen’s tooth can end up being a big problem if treatment is delayed. They could end up needing more intensive treatment or, worse, may find themselves with a bad toothache when they’re far from home.

Since your teen is finishing high school, now is the best time to take care of any outstanding dental problems. This is even more true if your teen will be leaving Greensboro for school or work and you’re concerned they might forget dental appointments while they try to juggle a busy new schedule.

Schedule your teen’s bi-annual cleanings and exams to work with their school breaks.

Bi-annual cleanings and exams are easy for your teen to forget when their schedule is jam-packed with school, work, and social events. You can help by scheduling these appointments for them, especially if they’ll be staying in Greensboro or coming home during school breaks.

To save even more time, you can book all of your household’s preventive care appointments ahead of time. We’ll send out appointment reminders so you’ll get a heads-up just in case you or your teen forgets. 

Book a bruxism evaluation if they frequently experience headaches or head and neck soreness.

If your teen has been mentioning headaches, consider scheduling a bruxism evaluation for them. Headaches aren’t uncommon for a busy student cramming for school, but when they happen often and are accompanied by head, neck, and jaw soreness, it’s time to see a dental professional.

Your dentist can check out the issue, and if it turns out your teen has been grinding or clenching their teeth, you can get a custom mouth guard for your teen to wear at night. Getting this problem taken care of will ensure your teen’s teeth don’t become damaged and, most importantly, they can get quality sleep.

Give the gift of a professional teeth whitening session so they won’t be tempted by DIY options.

Social media has a huge influence on most college students. The good news is it can help encourage our teens to take an interest in their oral health. Unfortunately, it can also tempt them to look into not-so-safe DIY or store-bought whitening methods. 

DIY whitening is never a good idea, and even though store-bought options may be “dentist-approved”, they can still be used incorrectly. The results can range from painful, sensitive teeth to permanent enamel damage. Play it safe by gifting your teen a professional whitening session at Farless Dental Group. We can even send them home with an at-home kit using our products so they can maintain their smile when they’re away at school.

It’s not too late to straighten their teeth. Ask Dr. Farless about Six Month Smiles.

Crooked teeth can be embarrassing to some teens and may even pose a tooth decay risk when food gets stuck in the nooks and crannies of their smile. Even though you may have opted out of braces when your teen was a child, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to help them straighten their teeth now.

Dr. Farless offers Six Month Smiles, a super-fast straightening option that utilizes clear aligners. As long as your teen is older than 15 years of age and has healthy teeth, they could very well be a candidate. Book a consultation with Dr. Farless to find out what your teen’s options are.

Take care of impacted or problematic wisdom teeth now while they can take time to heal.

In some cases, your teen’s wisdom teeth may be able to come in normally, but Dr. Farless generally recommends they be removed as a preventive care procedure. Most of the time, wisdom teeth are impacted and can not only cause pain as they erupt, but they can also push on your teen’s healthy molars. This can lead to teeth shifting and becoming crooked, and it could change their bite alignment.

If your teen hasn’t had their wisdom teeth removed, now is a good time to see Dr. Farless, have X-rays taken, and discuss what option is best.

Porcelain veneers are the ultimate makeover option for a flawless smile.

If you know your teen doesn’t feel great about their smile and straightening alone won’t help, consider porcelain veneers for them. Porcelain veneers are a permanent choice but are truly the ultimate smile makeover option.

Porcelain veneers can address issues with crookedness, gaps, tooth shape, and discoloration. If your teen has a “gummy” smile they don’t like to share, you can also combine porcelain veneers with gum contouring to bring balance to their smile.

Porcelain veneers are a very big step, and though it comes with many aesthetic and functional benefits, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons with the help of Dr. Farless. 

A visit to Dr. Farless can help your student prepare for this big step in life.

Whether your teen is due for a cleaning or they’re interested in a consultation for veneers, Dr. Farless and his team are ready to help in any way they can. 

To schedule your teen’s appointments, you can either give our Greensboro office a call directly or fill out our online request form.

6 Ways Porcelain Veneers Can Give Your Smile a Makeover

6 Ways Porcelain Veneers Can Give Your Smile a Makeover

Artistically Made Veneers Make Perfectly Imperfect Smiles Possible

Do you ever think veneers are for those who want obnoxiously perfect teeth? Do they convey an air of untrustable perfection to you? Have you secretly always wanted veneers but are afraid you’ll end up with intimidating square teeth?

We’re overjoyed to be dental veneer myth busters today.

Veneers can deliver so many things that most people never think of it. And the overall effect can be like losing five excess pounds or getting a full night’s sleep when you’re lacking sleep—nobody notices why you look so much better, but you just do. Veneers and their many applications can help you look younger, like a facelift for your teeth. Veneers can turn back the clock and erase the years.

Here are a few of the amazing ways veneers can improve your smile.

1. Whitening

This comes as a surprise to many people, but veneers are often a good choice to whiten teeth if you want to correct some other minor issues at the same time. Porcelain veneers can provide the perfect shade of white which will not stain over time the way that naturally porous teeth will.

If all you are after, however, is whiter teeth and you are sure you are not getting veneers in the near future, consider asking us about whitening as an alternative to veneers.

There are a few other things to consider about whitening and veneers. If you’re getting only a few veneers and wish to have a whiter, brighter smile, it’s best to whiten your teeth before the application of the veneers, so all your teeth will match. Then you just need to maintain that level of whiteness with routine whitening as your veneers will not stain or darken over time the same way your teeth will.

2. Minor Straightening of Crooked Teeth

Yes, porcelain veneers can straighten minor crookedness and improve your smile. Many people opt for the quicker, more convenient route of veneers to get the perfectly straight smile they desire. There are several reasons for this:

  • It is faster—you can have straight teeth in a matter of weeks.
  • You can fix any other imperfections at the same time.
  • It is more convenient—no juggling clear aligners or cleaning traditional braces while you wait for your teeth to straighten.

Veneers are a great choice if you have only a few crooked teeth as well. For instance, if you have two overlapping teeth, veneers can quickly correct this without having to create space in your mouth by using traditional orthodontics. This makes sense as an alternative to the hassle of applying orthodontics to your entire mouth just to straighten two teeth.

3. Filling in Gaps

Just as veneers can fix two or more overlapping teeth, they can fill in a gap as well. The choice to use veneers to fix a gap is similar to the choice to avoid a mouth of braces just to fix one overlap.

When you use porcelain veneers to fix a gap, your dentist will simply be making each tooth slightly and imperceptibly wider, creating a more natural and unnoticeable gap. At the same time, he can use the veneers to touch up discoloration, cracks, or chips.

4. Correcting Chips

A minor chip on your tooth is nothing to worry about. Most people can function quite well, even in social situations, without repairing it. However, if you are on camera a lot or the chip’s appearance really bothers you, or it creates a rough edge for your tongue, then it’s time to consider sharing your smile goals with your dentist. Your two choices to fix a chip are bonding or a veneer. Both work well, and your dentist will help you choose the right option for your case and budget. A veneer will cover the whole tooth. Bonding will adhere to your existing tooth and be just large enough to replace the part of your tooth that you lost. Don’t worry, neither solution will be noticeable.

5. What about Cracks?

Cracks are trickier than chips. Hairline cracks can be corrected with veneers, but cracks that cause pain and structural damage cannot (and should not) be corrected with a veneer. It would be like painting over a crack in your home’s wall caused by a faulty foundation. But don’t worry! Your dentist can repair a cracked tooth. Only your dentist will know the best way to repair a cracked tooth and most likely will notice the crack before you tell him or her. However, please speak with your dental team about any dental concerns you have, cracks or otherwise.

6. Teeth which Seem too Short

There is not really a restorative or oral-health-related reason to lengthen short teeth unless your teeth have been worn down by teeth-grinding or other wear. It is purely cosmetic. Nevertheless, we want you to have the smile of your dreams, and lengthening teeth is one way to improve your smile and brighten your face when you smile. If it gives you more confidence, we say go for it!

Also, as hinted at, if your teeth have been shortened by wear and tear of some kind, veneers are a great way to restore and improve your smile. Whatever the reason for lengthening your teeth, veneers can help you smile with confidence.

6 Myths About General and Cosmetic Dentistry

6 Myths About General and Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you believe one of these common dentistry myths?

Compared to decades ago, modern general and cosmetic dentistry has truly advanced leaps and bounds, thanks to new research and technology. Because of that, your Greensboro dental team is able to give an exceptional level of care and service, especially in terms of educating you about modern dental practices.

However, despite your dentist’s best efforts, there’s still misinformation out there at a patient level. You might have read an incorrect article online or heard something not factual about a procedure from a friend. It’s even possible that the myth in question may have once been somewhat truthful but is now outdated because of modern dentistry. Either way, you could be unaware that one of your ideas about general or cosmetic dentistry is a myth that’s holding you back from seeking proper care.

Let’s take a look at 6 common myths surrounding general and cosmetic dentistry that need to be debunked.

Myth #1: Wisdom teeth only need to be removed if they feel sore.

Wisdom teeth can cause a lot of pain as they begin to come in, but just because you’re not experiencing soreness now doesn’t mean there won’t be problems in the future.

It’s important to heed your dentist’s advice about your wisdom teeth, especially if your dentist finds risks of impaction based on your X-ray. Left untreated, impacted wisdom teeth can be very painful, cause infection, and even push nearby teeth into misalignment.

Even if X-rays show a low risk of impaction, wisdom teeth removal is often still recommended. Tooth decay on wisdom teeth is a common issue due to how far back these teeth are located in the mouth, making thorough brushing and flossing difficult.

Myth #2: Others will know if you get veneers because they look fake.

The myth of veneers looking fake and the term “Chiclet teeth” being used stems from how veneers looked in the past. While original veneers may have looked harshly noticeable before, our modern-day porcelain veneers are exceptionally natural-looking.

Dr. Farless designs custom porcelain veneers that look very lifelike, right down to the texture of the surface and color gradient. Not only will you be able to get rid of the gaps, chips, discoloration, and other flaws or imbalances within your smile, but anyone new you meet will be none the wiser that your teeth are veneers.

Myth #3: Teeth whitening will make your teeth sensitive and weak.

Not all teeth whitening products are created equal. When it comes to teeth whitening causing damage, it’s often D.I.Y products and overuse that are to blame.

If you want a whiter smile, forget the at-home treatments and seek out professional teeth whitening from a Greensboro dentist instead. Dr. Farless offers two different teeth whitening services, KoR and ZOOM!. Best of all, if you prefer whitening your teeth in the comfort of your own home, Dr. Farless offers take-home treatments to his patients.

By whitening your teeth at Farless Dental Group, you’ll be sure to whiten your teeth effectively, without pain, unusual sensitivity, or enamel damage.

Myth #4: Bleeding from the gums after brushing or flossing is normal.

Just because bleeding from the gums after brushing or flossing is somewhat common doesn’t mean that’s normal and something to ignore. It’s actually a potential warning sign of gingivitis or gum disease.

General dentistry isn’t just about the teeth, it’s also about the periodontal health, meaning the health of your gums and other soft tissues in the mouth. Inflammation in the gums is generally the reason why bleeding occurs after brushing and/or flossing. This inflammation can be due to a number of reasons, but typically, plaque buildup is to blame (one reason why regular cleanings are important). Left untreated, gingivitis can end up turning into periodontal disease.

If you’re having this problem, even if it’s only very light bleeding, you need to schedule an appointment with your Greensboro dentist.

Myth #5: Cosmetic dentistry only changes the aesthetics of your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry might have a focus on enhancing the appearance of your smile, but many of the same procedures also serve to improve or protect your teeth and oral health in general.

For example, a dental implant replacing a missing tooth is considered cosmetic, but it is highly beneficial for keeping your bite properly aligned and your jawbone strong. Receiving porcelain veneers gives you a beautiful smile, but it also helps prevent further wear and tear or enamel erosion from occurring on your existing teeth, potentially saving them from extraction.

Even straightening crooked teeth helps protect your oral health by closing up gaps where trapped bacteria can cause tooth decay.

Myth #6: Straightening crooked teeth with braces is for kids and teens.

The truth is there is no such thing as being “too old” to get braces or similar orthodontic treatment. Age isn’t even a top factor in whether an individual can receive treatment or not. And thanks to the effectiveness of invisible braces, more adults than ever are choosing to straighten their teeth later in life, as they won’t need to wear metal braces.

Dr. Farless offers two types of invisible braces to the Greensboro community: Clear Correct and Six Month Smiles. Both options are similar to Invisalign in terms of having subtle, clear aligners, but they do have their own distinct characteristics. A consultation with Dr. Farless will help you find out whether Clear Correct or Six Month Smiles is the right choice for you.

The Farless Dental team is ready to answer your questions.

Now that these top 6 myths have been debunked, you might have even more questions about general and cosmetic dentistry. Perhaps you’re even interested in pursuing a specific type of service, such as porcelain veneers, because you now understand the truth behind the myths. Either way, our Greensboro dental team at Farless Dental Group is ready to answer your questions.

You can either give us a call, visit our office, or schedule an appointment online right now. You can also visit our New Patient Experience page to learn about becoming a new patient of Dr. Farless, as well as explore our website to see what dental services we offer.

What Can the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Greensboro Do for Your Smile?

What Can the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Greensboro Do for Your Smile?

Dr. Farless wants to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted.

If you’re unhappy with your smile or wish it looked different, you’re not alone, and there’s no reason to feel embarrassed. Over one-third of American adults feel self-conscious about their smile because of the way their teeth look. With the strong correlation between bright, confident smiles and success in life, it’s no wonder cosmetic dentistry (or cosmetic dental services) can have such a profound effect on patients’ lives.

Cosmetic dentistry has evolved heavily since it first started gaining traction in the ’90s, and it only continues to grow more popular as techniques and technology advance. The days of uncomfortable bridges and Chiclet-like veneers have long since been over, and now, dentists like Dr. Farless are able to offer cosmetic dental services right alongside general and preventive care.

Every smile is important, and no one should feel like they can’t share theirs with everyone around them. With Dr. Farless as your cosmetic dentist, you can rest assured you’ll get the best care possible in Greensboro and get on the right path toward a new, more confident smile.

Let’s take a look at some of the different ways Dr. Farless can assist with your smile transformation.

Porcelain veneers are the king of total smile makeovers.

Porcelain veneers remain the king of total smile makeovers for good reason. When it comes to complete smile transformations, porcelain veneers are able to cover the majority of both minor and major flaws at once.

Poorly crafted veneers stick out like a sore thumb, which is why Dr. Farless pays extreme attention to detail when it comes to the design, shape, and color selection of every one of his patients’ veneers. If you have chipped, cracked, crooked, discolored, or even missing teeth, Dr. Farless will be able to use his skills as Greensboro’s best cosmetic dentist to get the look you want with your new veneers.

Visit our Smile Gallery to see firsthand examples of how beautifully Dr. Farless designs his porcelain veneers.

Restore your smile post-extraction with bridges and implants.

Missing teeth can pose a significant flaw, but thanks to cosmetic dental services, you have plenty of options for restoring your smile.

As mentioned, it’s possible for porcelain veneers to fill the gap from a missing tooth, but if you have multiple missing teeth or simply don’t want veneers, Dr. Farless may suggest porcelain bridges instead. Porcelain bridges will match your natural teeth and also prevent your teeth from shifting.

Another option, which is considered restorative rather than cosmetic, would be dental implants. If you’re concerned with bone loss in your jaw from missing teeth, Dr. Farless may recommend implants in place of a porcelain bridge. 

Bring balance to your teeth-to-gum ratio with gum contouring.

Do you see yourself smiling in pictures and think your smile is too “gummy”? Cosmetic dentistry has a heavy focus on the teeth, but it doesn’t stop there. Dr. Farless’s cosmetic dental services also include gum contouring and reshaping.

Gum contouring involves the use of a state-of-the-art laser to reshape your gum line above your teeth to bring more balance. Depending on your teeth and gums, Dr. Farless may also recommend porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns to achieve the best look possible.

Straighten misaligned teeth with nearly invisible clear aligners.

Crooked or misaligned teeth aren’t uncommon, but they can make patients feel uncomfortable when smiling and can actually lead to other problems. As an example, crooked teeth are more prone to developing decay due to bacteria being trapped in those nooks and crannies.

Dr. Farless has two options for orthodontic treatment: Clear Correct and Six Month Smiles. Both options utilize clear aligners and have faster treatment times compared to traditional braces. In fact, as the name suggests, it’s possible for adults to straighten their teeth in as little as six months with Six Month Smiles aligners.

Only have minor flaws? No blemish is too small to correct.

There is no such thing as a flaw too small to warrant a fix. If there is something about your smile that you don’t like, no matter how minor, Dr. Farless wants to know, so he can help.

For example, maybe you have some old silver fillings that stand out from the rest of your teeth and are visible to others when you speak. Dr. Farless can remove these and replace them with natural tooth-colored composite fillings that blend in with the surrounding teeth.

If you have a few surface blemishes on your teeth that don’t warrant porcelain veneers, like chips, cracks, or small gaps, Dr. Farless can perform dental bonding instead. This will help give your teeth a straighter, whiter appearance and correct flaws without permanently altering your natural teeth underneath.

Professional teeth whitening is also a fantastic solution if the color of your teeth is the flaw that’s bothering you. This service can also be a nice introduction to cosmetic dental services.

Schedule an appointment to meet Dr. Farless and the team.

If cosmetic dentistry sounds like it might be the right solution for your smile’s flaws, the next step is to have a consultation with Dr. Farless. Dr. Farless will give you a comprehensive exam to see where your dental health is currently, and will point out any issues he may notice. You’ll then have an open discussion about the flaws you don’t like in your smile, and Dr. Farless will create a custom treatment plan for you.

You can easily schedule your appointment with us right now by using our online Schedule Appointment form. Simply fill out your contact information, select a time of day, and check the “Cosmetic or Restorative” box. From there, we’ll give you a call as soon as we can to find the exact date and time that works with your schedule. 

If you’d prefer to give us a call or even come into our Greensboro dental office to schedule your appointment, you can find our contact information and our address on the Contact Us page of our website.

Dr. Farless and the rest of the Farless Dental Group team can’t wait to meet you and help you get started on the path to having the smile you’ve always wanted.

5 Small Changes with Big Impacts for the New Year

5 Small Changes with Big Impacts for the New Year

Putting Effort into the Little Things Leads to Big Changes

Moving into a new year is an exciting time. With feelings of positivity, motivation, and a desire to improve at full swing, many people will be creating New Year’s Resolutions, writing bucket lists, and setting other big goals. But it’s all too easy to start feeling overwhelmed when you get too caught up in the big picture.

Having a few big goals is important, but it’s actually the small changes you make to your life that can yield the biggest rewards. By making small changes you can create a huge positive impact while simultaneously helping you achieve those big goals too. And you won’t feel as overwhelmed while doing it.

Here are 5 small but significant ways to make this New Year your best one yet.

1. Boost your confidence by improving your smile with cosmetic dentistry.

Investing in cosmetic dentistry to revamp your smile can have more of an impact on your life than you might realize.

Plenty of studies show that the simple act of smiling is a huge confidence booster. Not only does smiling make you feel great inside, but it also positively affects everyone around you. In fact, people with confident smiles tend to be more successful in their relationships, careers, and other endeavors. This means that feeling comfortable with your smile is a really important facet of life as well as health.

Dr. Farless can help his Greensboro patients straighten their teeth with Clear Correct or Six Month Smile invisible braces. Patients with chips, gaps, and other damage can get a smile makeover with porcelain veneers or, in the case of minor flaws, dental bonding. And with a porcelain bridge to replace missing teeth, only you and Dr. Farless have to know about your extractions.

And don’t forget about professional teeth whitening to really give your smile an extra shine.

2. End every day with gratitude and awareness by keeping a journal.

Journaling is a powerful tool, especially with it comes to stress management, clarifying emotions, and problem-solving. You can journal at any time of the day, but taking up the habit of journaling before bed is uniquely beneficial.

Before you turn off the lights, take 15 minutes to journal and reflect on how your day went. Focus on your wins first and write down what things you did well or what goals you were able to accomplish. You can also reflect on what things you weren’t able to get finished or areas where you may have felt like you failed. But the key is to not get stuck on negativity, but focus on your awareness of how you can improve tomorrow.

Finish your nightly entry with a list of what you feel grateful for and what you look forward to accomplishing the next day.

3. Schedule all of your preventive health appointments for the year at once.

Many people have a fitness or health-related goal for the new year, yet they forget the importance of preventive health appointments. Losing weight, flossing every night, or eating more vegetables can all be great things for your health, but if you’re not keeping up on appointments you could be holding back your own progress.

Rather than hoping you’ll remember to make preventive health appointments throughout the year, start off the new year by scheduling all of them in one day and entering them into your calendar so you won’t forget.

As individuals, preventive health appointments can really differ, but the three general ones to schedule include annual physicals with a primary doctor, a comprehensive eye exam with an optometrist, and bi-annual exams and cleanings with your Greensboro dentist.

4. Learn something new every week.

We all learn new things just from going about our normal lives, but proactively and purposefully learning something new is something that should never stop. Think about what hobbies or passions you have and how you can learn something new relating to your areas of interest.

If you enjoy cooking, why not take a class in baking or try out a new, complicated recipe you haven’t made before? If you enjoy writing or journaling, Google some writing prompts and get your creative juices flowing. Maybe a friend is into something you know nothing about, such as playing the guitar or knitting. Not only can they teach you something new but you’ll also strengthen your friendship.

There are a number of wonderful online platforms, like Skillshare, that offer classes on every subject you can imagine. If you prefer a classroom environment and want to socialize, look for local Greensboro classes you can take through a website like Eventbrite.

5. Use your vacation time to actually go on vacation and recharge.

Over half of Americans don’t use all of their paid vacation days—and in many cases the reason why stems from being unable to let go of work responsibilities. Ironically, not taking a vacation only leads to poor performance at work as well as home.

If you didn’t take a real vacation last year or you didn’t use all of your vacation days, this New Year is the time to drop the habit. Let go of any feelings of guilt related to taking time off work and focus more on achieving a healthy work-life balance. Take full advantage of your vacation days to unplug from work and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones.

Whether you decide to visit a tropical paradise or simply “staycation” in the local Greensboro area, be sure to leave work alone and focus on relaxing and recharging.

Greet the New Year Smiling Bright with Your Greensboro Dental Team

There’s no better way to welcome the New Year than with a bright, beaming smile to complement your positive mindset and new lifestyle changes.

Farless Dental Group is always accepting new Greensboro patients and the team can’t wait for you to join the family. You can learn more about becoming a new patient by visiting the New Patient Experience webpage or by filling out a form to schedule an appointment.

If you prefer to chat with us in person or over the phone, our Contact Us webpage has our address, phone number, and hours.

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