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10 Benefits of Choosing Your Hometown Dentist

10 Benefits of Choosing Your Hometown Dentist

No matter how much we want to dismiss, deny, or roll our eyes at them, it turns out that what our mothers taught us as children at home really does apply to many situations throughout our adult lives.  

“Bigger isn’t always better.”

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

“Quality over quantity.”

It may not have been exactly what Mom had in mind when issuing her universal guidance, but the same advice can be applied when it comes to choosing your family dentist. Selecting a caring, local, hometown professional, such as Graham E. Farless, DDS, to care for your family’s dental needs certainly fits the bill of “always knows best” type of input. But hey, we were also once stubborn teenagers who didn’t listen to our parents’ words of wisdom. If you’re in the Greensboro, North Carolina vicinity and in need of a good teeth cleaning or specialized dental care, check out our list of the top ten benefits of choosing your hometown dentist. Don’t worry, we won’t tell Mom that you needed facts to back up her infallible advice.

1. Lower overhead (and fewer undisclosed costs).

Speaking of universally known truths, we can all accept the idea that larger corporations incur proportionately larger monetary overhead. From pricier office space to marketing or licensing fees for that national brand name, chain dental offices need much more capital to keep the lights on and those fancy reclining chairs, well, reclining. These costs will be passed along to customers, often in the form of added-on services.

Your hometown dentist can avoid charging you an arm and a leg for that extra-fluoridated fluoride treatment or gold plated bridge and crown set through more traditional business methods such as investing in smaller office properties and putting in the extra administrative leg work on their own time. In short, your local dental office’s primary goal is to appeal to their individual customers, rather than their corporate investors which makes their patients the big winners.

2. Personal attention.

If you’ve ever visited a traditional, large name dentist, you know that one of the trade-offs for brand recognition is often less time spent with your actual dental practitioner. Due to the aforementioned focus on profitability, these mega institutions typically have to cram in a larger number of clients per individual dentist.

Now, don’t get us wrong. Every dental office has to maintain the same minimum standards for care, education, and professionalism, and aforementioned dental assistants have their own set of requirements and certifications. If you’re like us, however, and want to receive your oral advice straight from the horse’s, errr, dentist’s mouth, a local hometown dental professional who can afford to spend more time with each individual patient is the way to go.

3. And personalized care.

Personalization doesn’t stop at the quantity spent with your individual dentist; quality also comes into play. Your local dentist isn’t bound by corporate constraints that often dictate the type or timing of procedures. Minor tooth decay may be rectified with regular dental visits and cleanings and wisdom teeth won’t require removal unless they become problematic to your oral or overall health. Each individual’s oral hygiene journey looks different, and local dentists have the time and experience available to help develop a personalized plan of attack that works for your lifestyle and budget.

4. Accessible customer service.

We’ve all had that infuriating experience with outsourced customer service agents. Whether it’s someone in the corporate office miles away or a person in a generic “let me get my supervisor” outsourced bullpen scenario, when you have a billing or scheduling question it can be a frustrating process dealing with an individual who needs to get themselves up to speed with your account.  

Hometown dental offices often utilize internal support staff for tasks from scheduling follow-up appointments to collecting co-payments. When you encounter an error or need to alert staff that you’re running a few minutes behind, at the hometown dentists, such as the offices of hometown dentist of Dr.. Farless, patients can rest assured that they’ll encounter an informed and familiar individual ready to assist or answer questions.

5. Improved follow up.

Following along the personalized attention theme, smaller community dental offices are also able to provide follow up services that fit your busy modern schedule. Larger, regional offices will resort to text alerts or the occasional phone call timed inevitably while you’re two hands deep in whipping up Monday meatloaf. At your hometown dentist, a caring receptionist or the doctor themselves will often want to devote the time and attention to reminding their patients about the need for an biannual cleaning or to check up on how little Johnny or Debby’s new braces are doing.

6. You can get to know your dentist.

An overwhelming sense of joy isn’t what we’d call a common reaction to an upcoming oral hygiene appointment. As anyone who has ever experienced dentophobia can tell you, trust is a must in a patient’s relationship with their dental professional. One of the most reliable ways to dispel the exaggerated image of the masked, goggled, rubber glove clad individual poking into your dental cavity is through the ability to get to know and rely on your local dentist.  

Smaller, hometown offices will have the same, reliable staff on hand for your visits. As opposed to the seemingly endless rotation of new faces you’ll see in many larger offices, your local dental office has lower turnaround meaning you’ll be able to rely on the individual relationships you build during your individual visits.

7. And your dentist gets to know you.

Longevity with any primary care provider is always a plus when it comes to developing that in-depth knowledge of your medical and dental needs. A hometown dentist is much better positioned to be able to identify subtle changes to your oral health. In addition, your local dental office can also develop the familiarity needed to truly get to know your individual preferences.  Have a sensitive palate? Your dental assistant will know to use extra care on those pesky annual x-rays. Are your teeth cold-sensitive? It will be marked in your chart for your visit to minimize brain freeze. Don’t worry, though: you local dental office still knows just how indecisive you are when it comes to the all-important choice between cherry or bubble gum flavored teeth cleanser.

8. You’re made to feel like family.

No, we’re not talking about family in the way that weird great Aunt Edna pinches your cheeks at holiday gatherings while exclaiming “my how you’ve grown.”  We do mean, however, that you’ll have the distinct possibility of running into your dentist at the local grocery store, church, or community leadership gathering. Sure, your dentist may use the opportunity to remind you that you’re overdue for your regular cleaning, but we’re pretty sure your mouth will agree this is still a notch in the plus column for visiting a dental practice close to home.

9. You’re giving back to the community.

It seems as if every year modern life tends to draw us further from our homes when it comes to spending our hard earned dollars. By visiting a local dentist, you’ll not only receive the kind of personalized, attentive care we’ve described above, you’ll also be contributing to local business and community. Local dentists employ a full staff of dental hygienists and administrative professionals and contribute to local chambers of commerce and volunteer groups. Whether it’s shopping or professional dental services, spending your hard earned dollars closer to home pays it forward for both your family and others in your community.

10. Reviews you can trust.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of choosing your hometown dentist is the ability to take the word of your trusted friends, colleagues, or family members into consideration when it comes to an individual office’s reputation and experience. Those great reviews on the major national chain establishment website are all well and good, but few things are as reliable as a first-hand account from local community members you know and trust.

At the offices of Dr. Farless, we let the smiles and experiences of our locally grown patients speak for themselves. From orthodontia to complex teeth and mouth restoration, our full range of services, along with the exceptional standard of care we provide, will leave you with a smile you can be proud to share with others. We invite you contact us today for an initial exam or additional information to find out the difference a hometown dentist can make.  


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9 Celebrities Who Have Had Smile Makeovers

9 Celebrities Who Have Had Smile Makeovers

When you think of a celebrity like Victoria Beckham, former Spice Girl and fashionable wife of the sports icon David Beckham, you think perfectly-aligned white teeth and an enchanting smile.

But you might be surprised to know that she didn’t always have that million-dollar smile. The fact is, Victoria is one of many celebrities who’ve had work done on their teeth. Several famous people have had dental procedures to change the appearance of their teeth or even restore their smile completely.

Many people want to know the secret behind celebrity great-looking teeth. The secret is working with great dentists such as our Dr. Farless. Curious who else has had their smile made-over?

Here are 7 celebrities who have had their smiles turned right side up.

#1: George Clooney

Surprisingly, one of our favorite movie star turned filmmaker, George Clooney, used to have dental problems. In the early days of his career, he developed a habit of grinding his teeth when stressed causing them to become yellow and worn.

This issue also caused him to appear older than he was until he found a solution. He had a dental procedure to install veneers to give a whiter smile, and he had crowns added to lengthen and strengthen his teeth.

After his teeth reconstruction, his smile is the smile we think of when picturing  George Clooney as the handsome husband and actor extraordinaire, who we may or may not be following on social media and every other platform we can.

#2: Miley Cyrus

You might remember Miley from her “Hannah Montana” days as the belle of Disney Channel who then had slightly crooked teeth which frankly, added to her big personality. As she grew older and more mature, she moved from the teenage stage and became more sophisticated and daring. With this change, came a new smile.

Miley had a dental procedure done to strengthen and whiten her teeth about the same time she entered her “punk rock” phase, giving us her signature “tongue-out” look.

#3: 50 Cent

The story behind 50 Cent’s smile makeover is rather amusing as the change was initiated after a rap battle. Another rapper made a “diss” track, calling him out for having a gap between his teeth. After the song was released, 50 Cent decided to get a cosmetic procedure done, transforming his teeth but keeping his signature look. While he did get veneers, he specifically told his dentist to leave his front teeth the same length as before so that after the procedure he would still look like 50 Cent.

#4: Hilary Duff

Like Miley Cyrus, Hilary also began as a Disney child star and made us fall in love with her characters over and over again. She started out with good teeth that were just uneven and a little rough around the edges. But she didn’t have any dental procedures done until 2009 when she chipped her tooth in concert on a microphone. She then had veneers installed which transformed her smile dramatically.

#5: Cheryl Cole

As both a renowned singer and serving as a judge on the successful TV show “The X Factor,” Cheryl Cole has always been in the spotlight. Between her job as a judge for both the American and British versions of the show and her musical career, she snuck in a cosmetic dentistry makeover.

Before her X-Factor days, her smile wasn’t what she wanted it to be.,  To fix her smile, she wore an orthodontic appliance called a clear aligner. There was a visible change in her teeth as they looked noticeably longer, pointed, and with fewer gaps.

#6 Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is a well-known boxer. For anyone  in that profession, having great teeth is not a priority. Despite that, Mike’s teeth must have bothered him. He had significant gaps, and he showed signs of previous dental work with gold caps  on his front teeth at a time. While the gold caps did a good job of making him look more fierce, he chose not to keep them. As he progressed in boxing and became quite popular, he decided to seek dental help and had the gaps closed and veneers installed on his teeth. Now his smile is even and balanced.

American Actress Demi Moore

Photo credit: Wallpaper Abyss

#7: Demi Moore

Demi Moore, a Hollywood star popularly known for her role in the movie “Ghost,” used to have teeth that looked aged and yellow. After several consultations and a careful weighing of her options, she decided to have veneers placed on her teeth. Now, Demi definitely doesn’t look like a woman in her 50s as she is rocking those pearly whites.

#8: Tom Cruise

You probably know Tom Cruise from blockbuster movies such as “Mission Impossible,” “Risky Business,” and more. However, you might not be aware that while he was starting his career, he used to have teeth that were discolored and misaligned. To fix these issues, he had multiple cosmetic procedures done including teeth whitening and straightening. Later on, he upgraded his teeth again by having veneers installed.

#9: Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine was teased as a child and teenager for teeth that stuck out a bit, according to her.  After she became a star, she decided to undergo dental procedures to whiten and straighten her teeth. These days, she’s an Oscar-winning actress who’s always in the spotlight and displays a mouth full of perfect teeth, thanks to her dentist.

Are you ready for a smile makeover?

The celebrities listed above have had various dental procedures performed to fix their teeth, including options such as teeth whitening, straightening, bonding, gum grafts, porcelain veneers, dental bridges, dental implants, crowns, and much more.

Dr. Farless offers comprehensive restorative and cosmetic procedures that are customized to suit your unique dental needs.

Last words

Getting a smile makeover can solve a plethora of dental problems and also improve the quality of your oral health. Many celebrity careers took a turn for the better after they fixed their teeth, branding them with signature smiles that make them exude confidence. Cosmetic dentistry can also help preserve your teeth longer while giving you a nice confidence boost.

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Farless today.


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5 Ways to Invest in Yourself All Year Long

5 Ways to Invest in Yourself All Year Long

Investing in Yourself

Imagine you’re a kid again. There’s a shiny new thing at the local department store that caught your eye months ago. You asked Mom for it, but she said no. But it’s all you can think about. You want it! So what do you do?

You save money. One penny at a time, you fill your piggy bank until you’re pretty sure you have enough to buy it.

Now think about your life today. Are you living your best life? Have you reached your ideal? Most of us would say no, there’s room for improvement. There’s a vision of how you want things to be that you haven’t quite reached yet.

What if you treated that vision of your life like you treated that thing at the local department store? What if you invest in your life, one penny at a time?

Not sure how or where to start? Here are five ways to invest in yourself. These investments add up to more than you might think.

#1. Work from the outside in.

Sometimes, we need to start the ball rolling. The best way to do that is to change something simple. And the simplest changes for most people are those we can make in our appearance.

Maybe it’s time to be bold and try a new hair color. Maybe you would like a couple of new pieces for your wardrobe.

Or perhaps you’ve been holding back, resisting the urge for a manicure or pedicure because you don’t want to “waste” the time or money. But consider this: Does a manicure or pedicure make you feel good about yourself? Is paying for one going to deprive you or your family of the essentials? Will the time you spend caring for yourself be to the detriment of those you love?

While only you know those answers, it’s safe to say that spending time caring for yourself will only help you to better care for those you love. “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Max Planck, a German quantum theorist and Nobel Prize winner, said that. And he’s right. Change the way you look at the investment you’re making by prioritizing even simple things like getting a haircut, enjoying a pedicure, or picking out and purchasing a new shirt. It isn’t about the time or money you’re losing, it’s about what you’re gaining instead by listening to and answering your own needs.

#2. Now take a look inside.

Remember that ideal life you wish you could be living? Sure, most of us want millions of dollars we can sprinkle around in all the ways that are uniquely us. But that’s not really what that ideal life is about. Dig a little deeper. It’s not about money. Not following?

What if you won the lottery? What would you do with your winnings? Would you buy a remote island and isolate yourself from society, keeping all friends and family out? Or would you pay off your debt and that of those you love?

Paying off debt isn’t your ultimate dream. It’s what you get by paying off that debt. By paying off your debt, you’re really giving yourself more freedom and security. Freedom to spend, save, or dream. By paying off the debt of those you love, you’d be giving them the same gift. In this scenario, paying off debt is the vehicle that helps you get to the thing you want the most.

Now think about your ideal life once again. What is it that you really crave that’s missing from your life right now? Is it a little more freedom? Is it the ability to help those around you who are struggling? Figure out the why behind what it is you envision doing.

Take the time to make sure you know the difference between your why and the vehicle you’ve chosen to deliver that intangible thing to you. It matters because you can’t invest in yourself if you don’t know where to put those pennies.

The act of sitting down to think this through is an investment. You will better understand what you value and what you’ve been craving.

#3. Make a plan.  

Once you’ve dissected your ideal life, you can begin to work toward it. By starting on the outside and investing in the simple things that are within your reach, you’re training your brain to think bigger: You’re influencing your insides. Now it’s time to exercise your brain some more.


The ideal life:

Your ideal life is you becoming your own boss in your very own company. Why? Because you want the flexibility that comes with that so you can spend more time with your family. You even have visions of including your family in your work so you can spend even more time together working toward a common goal.

The problem standing in your way:

You’ll lose your financial security by leaving your job and starting your own business.

So what’s the solution? How do you get what you want without jeopardizing your security? That’s the part you’ll have to figure out and plan for. Perhaps the answer is building your business while you still work for someone else. Or maybe you need to work on paying off debt first, then you can start your business.

Investing in yourself in such a big way is never easy. It’s going to be hard and require some sacrifices. But the payout in the end will be more than worth it.

#4. Invest in your health.

Before you start Googling the keto diet, think about the last mysterious ache or pain you had. What did you do about it?

The answer is nothing, right? You ignored it. It eventually went away.

That headache you had for three days last month, you ignored it too. And the bloating that keeps coming back. Oh, and that scaly patch of skin on your arm.

We often measure how well we’re taking care of ourselves by the number of pounds we’ve dropped on the scale this week and whether we remember to schedule that annual checkup. While an annual physical and dieting are important, we can invest in our health in other ways.

Start by taking your aches and pains seriously. Unless you have a reason for that headache (like you didn’t sleep well all week because you were too stressed about work), recognize that headaches aren’t part of a functioning, healthy body. It may be your body’s way of telling you that you need to cut back on the coffee or increase the vitamin D.

Be proactive in your health by setting a bedtime and sticking to it. Stay away from screens for an hour before bed so you can fall asleep more quickly. Take a walk after you eat your lunch to help prevent bloating.

Listen to your body. You’ll discover it’s letting you know exactly what it needs.

By investing in your health, you’ll be giving yourself permission to invest in yourself in other ways too.

#5. Invest in your oral health.

Remember that first step to invest in your appearance because it gets the ball rolling on other changes that will have an even larger impact on your life? Maybe you should add a smile makeover to your list.

Investing in your oral health will not only help you to have a beautiful smile, but it will also improve your overall health. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment to invest in your overall health.

Not convinced on the importance of investing in yourself? Read about the life-long benefits of self-care.


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“My Dentist Will Think I’m Vain” and Other Bogus Myths About Dentistry

“My Dentist Will Think I’m Vain” and Other Bogus Myths About Dentistry

Dentistry Myths Holding You Back

Misinformation may be holding you back from seeking the dental services you want and need. Here are some of dentistry’s most bogus myths followed by facts that will empower you to get the care you deserve for happy, healthy teeth.

Myth #1: My dentist will think I’m vain if I want to improve my smile’s appearance.

Though being honest about how you really want your smile to look can make you feel vulnerable and scared, dental professionals will never judge you for wanting to improve the appearance of your gums or teeth. Self-confidence is a crucial component of mental and emotional well-being, and for most Americans, having good oral health and an attractive smile top the list of what makes them feel confident every day.

Fact: We’re actually honored to help you achieve a smile that bolsters your confidence and well-being. And we can fully relate to your desire to improve your smile’s appearance—we want that for ourselves, too

Myth #2: Veneers will make my teeth look fake.

As they can address discolored, uneven, chipped, or unevenly spaced teeth, porcelain veneers are the everyday hero of cosmetic dentistry. While veneers can be used to brighten your smile, you don’t have to go bleach-white when choosing the shade of your veneers. With over a dozen tooth-colored shades to consider, you can choose a veneer color that harmonizes with your desired appearance, skin tone, and age.

Fact: Porcelain veneers are versatile and customizable, coming in a variety of natural-looking shades. As they are custom-made to fit precisely on your individual teeth, porcelain veneers look completely natural and are indistinguishable from your natural teeth.    

Myth #3: It’s normal if my gums bleed and swell after brushing or flossing.

In most cases, redness, bleeding, and swelling are your body’s way of letting you know something is not okay. While some bleeding and swelling can be expected after changing your oral care regimen or switching to a new product, gums that regularly turn red, swell, and bleed may be a sign that you have an oral health issue that requires treatment. Red, bleeding, or swollen gums can be a sign of plaque buildup along the gumline, gingivitis, or periodontal disease—all of which can lead to more serious complications if left untreated.

Fact: Healthy gums are pink, firm, textured, and don’t swell and bleed regularly. Your gums are an essential structure for your smile’s health and appearance. If you have any concerns about your gums, contact your dentist ASAP.    

Myth #4: Only smokers get oral cancer.

Over 51,000 Americans are diagnosed with cancers of the mouth or throat each year. While smoking is undoubtedly a risk factor for oral cancer, it’s not the only one. Other factors can also increase your risk of oral cancer, such as other forms of tobacco use, poor nutrition, a weakened immune system, HPV (Human Papillomavirus) infection, and heavy drinking (two or more drinks a day for men and more than one drink a day for women). The risk of oral cancers is higher for people who smoke and drink.

Fact: Oral cancer, which may be caused by numerous factors, is best treated when caught early. As your family’s primary oral healthcare provider, your dentist routinely evaluates your oral health and offers this potentially life-saving screening as part of your regular oral health exam.   

Myth #5: Dental X-rays will expose me to harmful radiation.

Radiation exposure from traditional dental X-rays is extremely low. To put it in perspective, radiation exposure from traditional dental X-rays is about the same as radiation exposure from taking a short, two-hour airplane flight.    

Though the radiation exposure from dental X-rays is considered safe, you can limit your exposure even further by working with a dentist who offers digital X-rays. In addition to reducing your exposure to radiation, digital X-rays create detailed imaging that is immediately available for your dentist to view and can be easily archived for later use.

Fact: Dental X-rays are a safe and effective method for examining your mouth and diagnosing dental issues. For greater peace of mind and more efficient care, choose a dentist that offers digital X-rays.  

Myth #6: I’m too old to straighten my teeth.

No matter how old you are, crooked or misaligned teeth can zap your self-confidence and make it harder for you to keep your teeth clean. But for many adults, the idea of unsightly metal braces is just a bit too infantilizing! Thankfully, there are now more discreet options available to correct uneven spacing, overbites and underbites, overcrowding, and turned or crooked teeth—no matter what age you are.

Fact: You are never too old to straighten your teeth! And thanks to advances in orthodontic technology, such as Six-Month Smiles® and Clear Correct™, you can achieve the smile you seek without obvious metal braces and drastic orthodontic procedures.  

Myth #7: I brush and floss every day, so I don’t really need to see a dentist.

If you are among 70 percent of Americans who brush twice daily and the 30 percent who floss daily, let us be the first to say it: Well done! Though your daily diligence is guaranteed to help maintain the health and appearance of your teeth, brushing and flossing simply can’t replicate a professional exam and cleaning. In addition to removing stains and stubborn plaque buildup, your twice-annual dental exam can detect small dental issues early, like fractures and broken fillings, before they become more serious and costly.

Fact: You obviously care about your teeth! While daily brushing and flossing are essential to support the health of your gums and teeth, routine dental exams and cleanings are the only ways to ensure that you achieve your best oral health at every age.

If misinformation has caused you to fall behind on your dental visits, that’s water under the bridge. Take the right step in creating your best health by scheduling your next appointment today!  


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The Lifetime Benefits of Self-Care

The Lifetime Benefits of Self-Care

Live a happier, healthier life.

Taking proper care of mind, body, and soul is crucial to living a happier, healthier, stress-free life. Regardless of your age, you can start making little changes today that will put you on the lifelong journey to better living and ultimate self-care.

What exactly is self-care?

Don’t confuse the idea of self-care with being selfish. Self-care is all about understanding your personal needs, which in turn helps you to understand the needs of others. Self-care means making a conscious effort to take care of your emotional, mental, and physical state. It’s also about coexisting meaningfully with others. People who make self-care a priority tend to live an overall healthier life with deeper connections to others.

What are the benefits of self-care?

Practicing intentional self-care offers a plethora of benefits for yourself and the people you relate with. Your state of being affects every aspect of your life. Recognizing your needs and being in-tune with your self can help you to:

  • Live longer, naturally
  • Lead a more balanced life (mental fitness)
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Forge meaningful relationships with others
  • Stay in shape (physical fitness), and much more.

Your mind might have already formed a list of areas needing improvement. Maybe that list is a bit longer than you’d like it to be. Now you’re instantly overwhelmed. Where do you begin?

Getting started on your self-care journey.

Taking actions that prioritize your physical, mental, and emotional well-being has no disadvantages. In other words, knowing what self-care is and why it’s needed isn’t enough—you need to make it a part of everyday life.

So what are some steps to get you started on your self-care journey? Let’s dive right in!

Regular exercise

Start with the most obvious change: get more active. Adding an early morning 30-minute workout to your daily routine will influence your entire day for the better.

Regular workouts like aerobics and resistance training can keep your body strong, help you burn fat, and build more lean muscle. Exercise also helps you keep your mind and emotions healthy and balanced. When you exercise, the body releases chemicals called endorphins, which gives you a positive feeling throughout the day.

Studies have shown that regular exercise helps build confidence in people dealing with psychological issues such as anxiety and depression. Incorporating workouts into your daily routine is not only great for your physical body but also improves your emotional state as well.

Maintaining a positive outlook

Personal mishaps, challenges, and unpleasant events can take a toll on your mental health—depending on how you respond to them.

Trying to maintain a positive attitude about every situation in your life can help you to decrease stress, improve your mood, and keep you from dwelling on every thing that has and could go wrong. A positive attitude will help you to maintain a clear head that will guide you to make the right choices.

How do you maintain a positive outlook, even in the most trying of circumstances? Like most things in life, it takes practice. Start by speaking positive affirmations as you go about your day. Whenever a negative thought pops into your mind, replace it with positive ones.

Active social support

Maintaining a healthy social support system can serve as a stress reliever as well as keep you happier and healthier. Having friends that you can share your issues and problems with, who provide support in times of need, and with whom you can have fun and relax with is one of the most effective self-care tips you can implement Cultivating and maintaining supportive platonic and loving relationships helps to create a good buffer against stress and anxiety.

So invest in your relationships. Make it a point to make a lunch or dinner date weekly with a friend or your significant other.

Spiritual & holistic practices

Studies have shown that individuals who maintain an active spiritual lifestyle (religious or otherwise) tend to live generally healthier lives. People who are involved in religious practices typically use prayer to relieve stress and to process their problems, giving them a sense of calm and purpose—an effective anxiety reliever.

Many use prayers to relieve stress or opt for a holistic group. Holistic practices include intense yoga and mindfulness (meditation) which helps to keep you in sync with your consciousness and emotional state. This deeply personal spiritual practice could help to nurture your soul and mind.

You should start your own spiritual tradition by setting aside time once a week to meditate, attend church, pray, or participate in yoga or another activity that leaves you feeling connected and present.

Taking a break

Being in tune with your needs helps you to understand when you are stressed and in need of a break before you burn out. Taking a day off to make a spa treatment appointment, get a massage, or just relax with a cup of tea and your thoughts will work wonders for your mental and physical well-being. Other activities like having meaningful interactions with others, traveling to new places, and getting enough daily sleep will help keep your mind sharp and active.

Adding exercise to your daily routine may be the break you need. Or that lunch date with your best friend once a week might recharge your batteries. Make whatever works for you a part of your routine. Make a point to take a break at least once a month.

Are you intentional about your oral health?

Dental hygiene also plays a vital role in overall self-care. Poor oral hygiene can cause several health problems. Mouth odor can be embarrassing, and plaque buildup can destroy the enamel of your teeth.

Serious issues like gingivitis may occur if you neglect your teeth, which can lead to gum disease and eventually cause you to lose your teeth. However, you don’t have to let these issues happen to you. Cultivating a habit of brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing your teeth after meals, and visiting Dr. Farless for regular checkups will help you keep your mouth healthy and your smile bright!

Effective oral care with Dr. Farless

Dr. Farless offers multiple dental services such as cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, and implant dentistry with the latest proven dental technology and best practices.

Whether your teeth need whitening, you require filings, or you are dealing with a chipped tooth, Dr. Farless can help.

Part of caring for yourself includes caring for how you see yourself as well. Are you unhappy with your smile? Maybe veneers would be a good solution for you. Or perhaps you need dental implants. Dr. Farless can help you have a smile you’re proud of.

You can book an appointment immediately by filling out your contact information or giving us a call.

In Conclusion

The decision to begin a lifelong journey of self-care might not be something that’s easy to fit into an already overcrowded daily schedule. However, it’s a vital decision you must consciously make. Your state of being affects every facet of your life.

Taking adequate care of you helps you to better handle the stresses of your daily routine, lead a healthier life, and forge healthier relationships with others.


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