Family Fun for the Whole Crowd at Your Holiday Gathering

The whole family can have fun this holiday

Games and Crafts to Try For an Awesome Holiday Gathering  

No matter how old you are, there’s something about the holiday time of year that makes even the most introverted among us want to get up and do something with the whole family. Try the fun activities listed on this post and let us know how it goes the next time you come to see us. We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do.

White elephant your gifts.

What’s a holiday gathering with no presents? It’s not a party. Some families plan a pick-a-name gift exchange, where every family member gets the name of one other family member and purchases a gift with them in mind.

Other families like trying the White Elephant Gift Exchange party plan. Let your whole family know the rules for your elephant game ahead of time. It can be something like a price limit of $20 or even a gag gift type of thing if you’d like to encourage a lot of laughter. Everyone brings a wrapped gift that’s placed in a pile. Then participants get assigned a number. The one with number 1 can choose any present in the pile they like, but the one who comes after them has the option to either steal that gift or pick another one—the risk is theirs to take!

Pick a candy cane crafting day.

December 26th is National Candy Cane Day, but you can choose to celebrate this red and white striped candy any day in the holiday season really. Set up a crafting station where kids and adults alike can get creative and enjoy some wholesome family fun. You never know, you may end up with a unique candy cane wreath or even switch out your traditional tree with a candy cane tree to bring holiday cheer into any room all season long.

Play Christmas carol Pictionary. 

Turn the classic game of Pictionary into a fun family activity all about Christmas carols. Invite everyone to write as many Christmas carols as they can think of on pieces of paper which you’ll later put in a jar or a vase. In order to play the game, you’ll need to divide participants into two teams. Each group will have a chance to send a representative to pick a song from the jar and then do their best to “draw” the song on a whiteboard or notepad. Imagine your sister’s husband trying to draw “Feliz Navidad,” or “Jingle Bells.” It’s a guaranteed laugh-fest.

Have a cookie-decorating contest.

Maybe your family’s artistic streak doesn’t translate as well on paper as it does on baked goods. Why not have a cookie-decorating contest instead? Prepare different cookie shapes ahead of the contest and lay them out on a table for everyone to choose. You can also provide cookie decorating bags, piping nozzles, scribe tools, and rubber bands. Or the fun could be trying to decorate cookies using only icing and a toothpick. See who comes up with the most festive, the most colorful, or the one most likely to be on Pinterest.

Sing Christmas karaoke.

With so many Christmas songs at your disposal, the festive season lends itself well to a rousing round (or two) of karaoke. In fact, if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably already sneaked in a couple of holiday tunes way ahead of the game. Brush up on your favorite nostalgic, uplifting, inspiring tunes. From classic songs like Dean Martin’s “Let It Snow” to Selena Gomez’s new hit, “Winter Wonderland”—get ready to hit the high notes like Mariah this holiday season. 

Construct a holiday photo booth. 

Whether your family gathering is as long as Santa’s naughty list or you’re a small but industrious bunch, constructing a holiday photo booth will make photos of the day so much more fun. From putting up a solid red and white shimmering background to decorating with some dry ice, a bucket or two of faux snow, twinkling lights, and even some DIY ornaments, your family will have a wonderful time bringing this corner of your house alive. And before you know it, your three-year-old nephew will grab the cookie you helped him decorate and race off to strike a pose next to Great Aunt Sally and her least-likely-to-be-on-Pinterest candy cane.

Enjoy a healthier, brighter smile this holiday season!

Between Christmas shopping and hosting relatives, a trip to the dentist is probably the last thing you want to happen. So be sure everyone brushes their teeth twice a day, flosses once a day, and rinses with a fluoridated mouthwash. Also, try to limit the sugary and acidic treats. But if you run into a dental problem or develop a toothache, feel free to contact our Farless Dental Group practice.