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Family Dentistry –  Children and Teens

Experience quality dental care for the whole family – children, teens, and adults – all under one roof. Dr. Farless welcomes patients of all ages, so you can trust your family can enjoy a lifetime of optimal oral health!

Your children’s dentistry experience should be calm and relaxing, so they learn great teeth cleaning habits and enjoy their trips to the dentist.

Family Dentistry in Greensboro NC

Toddler, Children, and Teen Dentistry Services

For Optimal Dental Health, Get Started Early

Most dentists agree: by the time a child turns one year old, he or she should have a first dental visit. One reason is that by one year old, the majority of children have had at least one baby tooth come in. In addition to Dr. Farless inspecting the new teeth and the health of your baby’s gums, one-year-old appointments are even more important for establishing the dentist/child relationship moving forward. By having this meeting at such a young age, your child will learn to know and trust Dr. Farless and his dental team.

As your child grows, this positive association will remind them that there’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to dental appointments. This, in turn, becomes a cornerstone of a lifetime of optimal oral health! Get your child started out right. When they turn one-year-old, introduce your baby to Dr. Farless and his team!

Children, Baby Teeth, and Long Term Oral Health

Even when your child still has his or her baby teeth, visits to Dr. Farless are vital. The good habits that lead to lifelong dental health are formed early. For this reason, regular checkups with Dr. Farless and his team can help reinforce good home care habits like proper brushing and flossing.

While baby teeth do fall out, that doesn’t mean dental care isn’t yet important while before permanent teeth arrive. It’s important to recognize that these baby teeth are placeholders for the permanent adult teeth to come. Caring for baby teeth and gums therefore sets your child up for a great smile later on.

From sealants to fluoride treatments to fillings, Dr. Farless offers many services to ensure your child’s teeth are well taken care of into their teenage years.

Family Dentistry for Teens – From Cosmetics to Restoration

Most kids have lost their final baby teeth by age 12. This means the teenage years are also an important time for your child’s dental health. As we all know, the teenage years can be a trying time. However, as children mature into young adulthood, having a great smile does wonders for boosting one’s self esteem. Regular visits to Dr. Farless can ensure your teens are taking the best steps to keep their smiles healthy and beautiful.

Beyond preventative care for teens, there’s also cosmetic dentistry to ensure your kids can be proud of their smile. Whether it’s Invisalign™ or other orthodontic options to straighten teeth, a porcelain bridge to correct an unsightly gap, or even whitening treatments to create a brighter looking smile, your teen can take advantage of many different cosmetic treatments to help them look and feel their best.

And if decay or damage due to injury is a problem, Dr. Farless and his team offer a comprehensive list of services to restore your teen’s smile, from root canals and tooth colored fillings to nightguards and porcelain crowns. Safe sedation techniques are also available to ensure comfort. We’ll fix the problem as quickly and painlessly as possible so your child can get out of the dentist’s chair and get back to being a kid!

Dentistry for the Whole Family, Children, Teens, and Adults

Your whole family deserves happy and healthy smiles. Whether you need to establish a relationship between your baby and the dentist, or maintain your children’s healthy smiles through preventative care, Dr. Farless offers comprehensive dentistry for everyone in your family.

Enjoy professional cleanings, enhance with cosmetics, repair with restorative treatments, or even have wisdom teeth removed! There’s a solution for every smile and every age. Enjoy dentistry for the whole family, from babies to seniors, all under one roof.