Dental implants have been a hot topic for the last several years, so we wanted to take a minute to answer the most common questions people have about dental implant options, benefits, and if dental insurance can help cover the costs. Read on to learn more…

Should I get Dental Implants?

According to many sources, Cosmetic Dentistry is about to enter its “glory years”. With the rising accessibility of aesthetic dental procedures, the general public’s interest has grown with every step.

One treatment that seems to have captured everyone’s attention is permanent Dental Implants. What are they though? What do they do? How and/or why should I get them? These are questions that every patient must ask themselves before considering cosmetic dentistry, so we offer this article to help you to make the best decision for your health.

What are they?

Dental Implants are seen as a permanent solution to many oral health problems. Also known as “fixtures”, implants are used to support all manner of dental appliances such as veneers, crowns and dental bridges. Contemporary fittings are made of metal such as medical-grade titanium which blends-in with the jawbone of the patient – becoming an accepted part of your natural body.

After receiving your Implants, your teeth will function normally – with very little maintenance.

How do I get Dental Implants?

The installation of dental Implants is an intricate procedure that should only be performed by a qualified dentist – for example, Graham E. Farless DDS of

The implantation process is fairly straight forward … Implants are fixed to your jawbone surgically to achieve a natural-feeling fit and secure hold. Since there are no nerves in your jaw bone, this procedure is often described as exceptionally mild and speedy. Since the operation is gentle and quick, the procedure also boasts of a very high success rate.

Your implants will look and feel like your natural teeth and you can treat them like it! Brush your teeth like you usually do, keep your appointments with your dentist, and your fixtures can last for 15 years, or longer.

Individual implants can be fitted to replace a single tooth, or numerous can be imbedded for full mouth veneers. Due to the adaptability and speed of the treatment, it has become a favorite among doctors, and patients alike. Resolving many of the visible issues caused by gum disease and other oral health problems, dental implants can offer amazing results.

Should I go through with it?

You should check with your dentist before considering any type of voluntary procedure, like Implants. Only doctors who are equipped with your full medical history, can tell if implants are right for you. However, Implants are used to resolve many common oral health woes. So, if you have experienced any of the following …

  • Tooth discoloration
  • Teeth that are worn down, broken, or chipped
  • Teeth that are uneven, oddly shaped, or misaligned
  • Unsightly gaps in between teeth

… Then you may be a prime candidate for implants. If you do decide to move forward with the treatment, the benefits will be apparent as soon as your beaming new grin is finished.

Here’s what you have to look forward to:

  • Your new smile will still seem inviting and healthy
  • Increased resistance to things that would stain natural teeth
  • Your teeth will feel more secure and less delicate

Will insurance cover my dental implants?

Like any medical procedure, the cost involved is highly reliant on your how much work you need done, and what your financial situation is. Of course, we work with all of our patients – and their insurance providers – to find a treatment/payment plan that will work for everyone.

However, as the popularity for procedures such as this rises, so will the cost. So, if you feel that Dental Implants are the right decision for you, then you should contact your doctor immediately in order to begin the process today.

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