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Tooth Colored Fillings

Advancements in cosmetic dentistry haven’t just given you options to improve your smile; they’ve also led to improvements in the aesthetics of preventative and restorative dentistry. One example is tooth colored fillings. In the past, a cavity meant an unsightly filling made of precious metals, but now you can enjoy white dental fillings that match your teeth made of composite resins.

With tooth colored fillings from Farless Dental, you can have a cavity filled, and your tooth will look as though you never received treatment!

White Tooth Colored Fillings in Greensboro NC

Tooth Colored Fillings: The Process

As with any other filling procedure, a tooth colored filling from Farless Dental begins with a thorough inspection of the troublesome tooth. If it’s determined that you have a cavity that needs to be filled, Dr. Farless or Dr. Locklear will use a local anesthetic to numb your tooth, then gently remove the decayed portion.

In its place, we will fill the empty space with composite resins. Made from a mixture of plastics and glass, these composite resins better mimic your tooth in both color and function, as your bite pressure is better distributed than with metal fillings. Your dentist can mold the soft material to perfectly match the shape of your original tooth, and dye the material to perfectly match the rest of your smile. All this leads to an incredibly natural looking restoration. No one will even be able to tell you’ve had a filling.

Precious Metals vs. Composite Resins

There are many advantages to composite resins over traditional metal dental fillings. For one, more of your tooth structure may be preserved. While the amount of decay will ultimately determine the size of your filling, the dentist will likely need to remove less of your original tooth structure with tooth-colored fillings because composite resins bond to the surface of your tooth better than precious metals. In order to keep them in place, metal fillings often require dentists to remove healthy tooth tissue to create an “undercut.” Meanwhile, the bonding capability of composite resins mean no such undercut is necessary.

Tooth colored fillings are also more flexible than fillings made of precious metals, meaning they’re able to better distribute the pressure from your bite across the rest of your healthy tooth structure. This is better for the life of the filling, as well as preventing cracks and breaks in your tooth.

Finally, white fillings for teeth are a superior aesthetic choice. Since Farless Dental can perfectly match your composite resin filling to the shade of the tooth in which it will sit, no one will be able to tell your natural tooth from the filling material. This advancement in dentistry is truly a win-win.

Aftercare and What to Expect
After receiving a tooth colored filling, you can feel good knowing you’re back on the path to optimal oral health. It will likely take a few hours for the numbness from the anesthesia to wear off completely. In addition, you may experience some increased sensitivity to bite pressure or especially hot or cold foods. However, you’ll be free of the pain associated with of the cavity, and you can trust that your restoration will last. You can resume brushing and flossing twice a day immediately.
Improve your Function, with Beautiful Results

Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, Farless Dental can not only improve your function with a filling, but also make it perfectly blend with your healthy natural smile. You can enjoy a lasting restoration, while appearing as though you never received any treatment. Talk to your dental team today about composite tooth colored fillings.