CEREC Same Day Crowns: The Next Generation

CEREC same day crownsCEREC same day crowns – Should you consider CEREC when you need a new crown or replace an old one?

It’s nothing new…teeth get damaged over time. It could be brought on by poor dental health, an active lifestyle or a chance occurrence. If your teeth get chipped, cracked or some other form of damage, chances are you will need a crown to restore your tooth back to normal. In the past, this included a long drawn out process with results that may or may not be the ideal replacement for your natural teeth. Today there is CEREC® technology, a revolutionary advancement in cosmetic dentistry that streamlines the entire process, benefiting everyone involved.

One of the biggest benefits of CEREC® same day crowns is that you can have the entire crown process done in one visit. In fact, in some cases, just a few hours! Not only does it cut down on time in the dreaded dental chair, but also saves using up your vacation time missing work to go to multiple appointments. No more temporary fittings either. Your CEREC® Same Day Crowns are all yours.

How do they do it? Instead of having that goopy impression stuff in your mouth so a mold can be made of your teeth, CEREC® does this all digitally, making the discomfort of creating your crowns a thing of the past. Once a digital impression is made, your crown is milled with high-quality ceramic. This ceramic is compatible with the body and has the same characteristics of your own teeth enamel. If adjustments are necessary, everything is on-site to do so.

One of the main flaws of crowns of the past were the chances that your crown will look and feel different than your natural teeth. With the CEREC® crowns, you will have a much more natural look. With 17 shades available, the odds of you matching your natural teeth are incredibly good. No more metal, no more black lines around the gum line, just a smooth polished crown that are fitted to your bite perfectly. Not only will it look and feel like your natural teeth, but there is an added bonus for CEREC® Same Day Crowns: they are very strong replacements. If you have sensitive teeth, your crowns will make that a thing of the past. They are designed to expand and contract to hot and cold temperatures. Less prone to cracks and flaws, making them the best version of other types of restorations.

It’s okay if something happens to damage your teeth. We have had restoration dentistry for ages. But now it isn’t anything to worry about. Your teeth can go back to new in the time it takes to watch a good movie. And in the day and age where time is everything, that’s pretty incredible.

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