5 Small Changes with Big Impacts for the New Year

Putting Effort into the Little Things Leads to Big Changes

Moving into a new year is an exciting time. With feelings of positivity, motivation, and a desire to improve at full swing, many people will be creating New Year’s Resolutions, writing bucket lists, and setting other big goals. But it’s all too easy to start feeling overwhelmed when you get too caught up in the big picture.

Having a few big goals is important, but it’s actually the small changes you make to your life that can yield the biggest rewards. By making small changes you can create a huge positive impact while simultaneously helping you achieve those big goals too. And you won’t feel as overwhelmed while doing it.

Here are 5 small but significant ways to make this New Year your best one yet.

1. Boost your confidence by improving your smile with cosmetic dentistry.

Investing in cosmetic dentistry to revamp your smile can have more of an impact on your life than you might realize.

Plenty of studies show that the simple act of smiling is a huge confidence booster. Not only does smiling make you feel great inside, but it also positively affects everyone around you. In fact, people with confident smiles tend to be more successful in their relationships, careers, and other endeavors. This means that feeling comfortable with your smile is a really important facet of life as well as health.

Dr. Farless can help his Greensboro patients straighten their teeth with Clear Correct or Six Month Smile invisible braces. Patients with chips, gaps, and other damage can get a smile makeover with porcelain veneers or, in the case of minor flaws, dental bonding. And with a porcelain bridge to replace missing teeth, only you and Dr. Farless have to know about your extractions.

And don’t forget about professional teeth whitening to really give your smile an extra shine.

2. End every day with gratitude and awareness by keeping a journal.

Journaling is a powerful tool, especially with it comes to stress management, clarifying emotions, and problem-solving. You can journal at any time of the day, but taking up the habit of journaling before bed is uniquely beneficial.

Before you turn off the lights, take 15 minutes to journal and reflect on how your day went. Focus on your wins first and write down what things you did well or what goals you were able to accomplish. You can also reflect on what things you weren’t able to get finished or areas where you may have felt like you failed. But the key is to not get stuck on negativity, but focus on your awareness of how you can improve tomorrow.

Finish your nightly entry with a list of what you feel grateful for and what you look forward to accomplishing the next day.

3. Schedule all of your preventive health appointments for the year at once.

Many people have a fitness or health-related goal for the new year, yet they forget the importance of preventive health appointments. Losing weight, flossing every night, or eating more vegetables can all be great things for your health, but if you’re not keeping up on appointments you could be holding back your own progress.

Rather than hoping you’ll remember to make preventive health appointments throughout the year, start off the new year by scheduling all of them in one day and entering them into your calendar so you won’t forget.

As individuals, preventive health appointments can really differ, but the three general ones to schedule include annual physicals with a primary doctor, a comprehensive eye exam with an optometrist, and bi-annual exams and cleanings with your Greensboro dentist.

4. Learn something new every week.

We all learn new things just from going about our normal lives, but proactively and purposefully learning something new is something that should never stop. Think about what hobbies or passions you have and how you can learn something new relating to your areas of interest.

If you enjoy cooking, why not take a class in baking or try out a new, complicated recipe you haven’t made before? If you enjoy writing or journaling, Google some writing prompts and get your creative juices flowing. Maybe a friend is into something you know nothing about, such as playing the guitar or knitting. Not only can they teach you something new but you’ll also strengthen your friendship.

There are a number of wonderful online platforms, like Skillshare, that offer classes on every subject you can imagine. If you prefer a classroom environment and want to socialize, look for local Greensboro classes you can take through a website like Eventbrite.

5. Use your vacation time to actually go on vacation and recharge.

Over half of Americans don’t use all of their paid vacation days—and in many cases the reason why stems from being unable to let go of work responsibilities. Ironically, not taking a vacation only leads to poor performance at work as well as home.

If you didn’t take a real vacation last year or you didn’t use all of your vacation days, this New Year is the time to drop the habit. Let go of any feelings of guilt related to taking time off work and focus more on achieving a healthy work-life balance. Take full advantage of your vacation days to unplug from work and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones.

Whether you decide to visit a tropical paradise or simply “staycation” in the local Greensboro area, be sure to leave work alone and focus on relaxing and recharging.

Greet the New Year Smiling Bright with Your Greensboro Dental Team

There’s no better way to welcome the New Year than with a bright, beaming smile to complement your positive mindset and new lifestyle changes.

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