Benefits of Mini Dental ImplantsLet’s take a look at the benefits of mini dental implants. What are they, and how do they help?

While many patients are familiar with the concept of traditional dental implants, they may not be as familiar with the new technique of the “mini” dental implant. Like traditional dental implants, the mini dental implant is a titanium screw that is attached into the bone, and supports a crown or denture.

The most significant difference between mini implants and traditional implants is simply size. While the same titanium alloy is used in both standard and mini implants, the mini implant is typically a single solid piece of titanium allow, where the traditional implant is two pieces – one hollow, and a second that screws into the hollow threads. The two pieces add complexity and cost, where the single solid piece is considerably smaller while maintaining the same structural strength.

One of the benefits of the smaller size is that mini implants can be placed where bone loss has occurred. Patients who may not be a candidate for traditional implants may find that mini implants are a viable solution, despite bone loss. A second benefit of the smaller attachment is that multiple implant posts can be used on a single tooth – mimicking the natural tooth roots, a molar can have two mini implant posts supporting the crown.

Because dental implants require fewer pieces, less drilling, and less time to place, they’re often cheaper than traditional implants. If you’re interested in knowing whether or not a mini implant is right for you, contact your local Greensboro cosmetic dentist and inquire about whether or not your specific tooth (or teeth) may be better served with mini implants than with traditional implants.

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