When you think of a celebrity like Victoria Beckham, former Spice Girl and fashionable wife of the sports icon David Beckham, you think perfectly-aligned white teeth and an enchanting smile.

But you might be surprised to know that she didn’t always have that million-dollar smile. The fact is, Victoria is one of many celebrities who’ve had work done on their teeth. Several famous people have had dental procedures to change the appearance of their teeth or even restore their smile completely.

Many people want to know the secret behind celebrity great-looking teeth. The secret is working with great dentists such as our Dr. Farless. Curious who else has had their smile made-over?

Here are 7 celebrities who have had their smiles turned right side up. 

#1: George Clooney

Surprisingly, one of our favorite movie star turned filmmaker, George Clooney, used to have dental problems. In the early days of his career, he developed a habit of grinding his teeth when stressed causing them to become yellow and worn.

This issue also caused him to appear older than he was until he found a solution. He had a dental procedure to install veneers to give a whiter smile, and he had crowns added to lengthen and strengthen his teeth.

After his teeth reconstruction, his smile is the smile we think of when picturing  George Clooney as the handsome husband and actor extraordinaire, who we may or may not be following on social media and every other platform we can.

#2: Miley Cyrus

You might remember Miley from her “Hannah Montana” days as the belle of Disney Channel who then had slightly crooked teeth which frankly, added to her big personality. As she grew older and more mature, she moved from the teenage stage and became more sophisticated and daring. With this change, came a new smile.

Miley had a dental procedure done to strengthen and whiten her teeth about the same time she entered her “punk rock” phase, giving us her signature “tongue-out” look.

#3: 50 Cent

The story behind 50 Cent’s smile makeover is rather amusing as the change was initiated after a rap battle. Another rapper made a “diss” track, calling him out for having a gap between his teeth. After the song was released, 50 Cent decided to get a cosmetic procedure done, transforming his teeth but keeping his signature look. While he did get veneers, he specifically told his dentist to leave his front teeth the same length as before so that after the procedure he would still look like 50 Cent.

#4: Hilary Duff

Like Miley Cyrus, Hilary also began as a Disney child star and made us fall in love with her characters over and over again. She started out with good teeth that were just uneven and a little rough around the edges. But she didn’t have any dental procedures done until 2009 when she chipped her tooth in concert on a microphone. She then had veneers installed which transformed her smile dramatically.

#5: Cheryl Cole

As both a renowned singer and serving as a judge on the successful TV show “The X Factor,” Cheryl Cole has always been in the spotlight. Between her job as a judge for both the American and British versions of the show and her musical career, she snuck in a cosmetic dentistry makeover.

Before her X-Factor days, her smile wasn’t what she wanted it to be.,  To fix her smile, she wore an orthodontic appliance called a clear aligner. There was a visible change in her teeth as they looked noticeably longer, pointed, and with fewer gaps.

#6 Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is a well-known boxer. For anyone  in that profession, having great teeth is not a priority. Despite that, Mike’s teeth must have bothered him. He had significant gaps, and he showed signs of previous dental work with gold caps  on his front teeth at a time. While the gold caps did a good job of making him look more fierce, he chose not to keep them. As he progressed in boxing and became quite popular, he decided to seek dental help and had the gaps closed and veneers installed on his teeth. Now his smile is even and balanced.

#7: Demi Moore

Demi Moore, a Hollywood star popularly known for her role in the movie “Ghost,” used to have teeth that looked aged and yellow. After several consultations and a careful weighing of her options, she decided to have veneers placed on her teeth. Now, Demi definitely doesn’t look like a woman in her 50s as she is rocking those pearly whites.

#8: Tom Cruise

You probably know Tom Cruise from blockbuster movies such as “Mission Impossible,” “Risky Business,” and more. However, you might not be aware that while he was starting his career, he used to have teeth that were discolored and misaligned. To fix these issues, he had multiple cosmetic procedures done including teeth whitening and straightening. Later on, he upgraded his teeth again by having veneers installed.

#9: Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine was teased as a child and teenager for teeth that stuck out a bit, according to her.  After she became a star, she decided to undergo dental procedures to whiten and straighten her teeth. These days, she’s an Oscar-winning actress who’s always in the spotlight and displays a mouth full of perfect teeth, thanks to her dentist.

Are you ready for a smile makeover?

The celebrities listed above have had various dental procedures performed to fix their teeth, including options such as teeth whitening, straightening, bonding, gum grafts, porcelain veneers, dental bridges, dental implants, crowns, and much more.

Dr. Farless offers comprehensive restorative and cosmetic procedures that are customized to suit your unique dental needs.

Last words

Getting a smile makeover can solve a plethora of dental problems and also improve the quality of your oral health. Many celebrity careers took a turn for the better after they fixed their teeth, branding them with signature smiles that make them exude confidence. Cosmetic dentistry can also help preserve your teeth longer while giving you a nice confidence boost.

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