7 Ways Clear Aligners Can Boost Your Overall Health

There are benefits to using clear aligners

Do clear aligners have health benefits?

Everyone can appreciate the beauty of a perfect smile. But did you know having properly aligned teeth can pose several benefits to your overall health? Keep reading to find out how straight teeth can improve your quality of life and why Invisalign clear aligners may be the right orthodontic solution for you.

Good Gum Health

Teeth that bunch together or overlap one another often make it harder for gums to “hug” dentures. This creates small spaces on the gumline where food and bacteria can accumulate, causing red and swollen gums, which are an early sign of periodontal disease. Because gum disease is only reversible during its early stages, orthodontic treatment can often come in handy here. Clear aligners can help push misaligned teeth back into position so your gums fit snugly around your teeth. Not only will this prevent gum disease from progressing further, but it will also promote good gum health.

Better Oral Hygiene

Imagine trying to pass a string of floss through teeth that twist around each other or trying to get your toothbrush bristles to reach that cranny between your lower canine and your premolar. Sounds almost impossible, right? Once orthodontic treatments like Invisalign aligners straighten your teeth, you won’t have such a problem. You can spend the recommended four minutes a day comfortably cleaning every surface of your teeth without having to form any awkward shapes with your hands. Braces may also help fix any tooth misalignment issues you may have, but you’ll have a harder time removing food particles in between the wires and brackets than you would with a removable, smooth-edged clear aligner.

Treat Bruxism

Although bruxism has a variety of causes, the end result is typically the same: damaged teeth. Untreated teeth grinding can wear away enamel, chip or fracture teeth, and even lead to tooth loss. Realigning your teeth can help reduce the stress an uneven surface can cause on your jaw. Because Invisalign trays are also designed similar to nightguards, meaning this particular orthodontic treatment will simultaneously minimize the occurrence of harmful teeth grinding habits while also straightening your teeth and relieving neck, shoulder, and jaw pain.

Greater Self-esteem

It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) that straight teeth can boost your self-esteem. Fixing misalignment through clear aligner therapy can give you greater self-confidence even while you’re undergoing treatment. Since Invisalign trays are virtually invisible, no one will ever know you’re getting dental work done. You can grin from ear to ear to your heart’s content and enjoy the many health benefits that come from simply smiling.

Less TMJ Pain

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain is often the result of a misaligned bite because of the excess pressure that’s placed on your jaw and gums. Over time, you may even start experiencing facial pain, especially as you chew, speak, or open your mouth. Clear aligner therapy is a discrete way of correcting a misaligned bite and relieving TMJ symptoms.   

Improve Digestion

Your teeth are an important part of your digestive system. Once you put food in your mouth, it’s your teeth that break it down into smaller particles that are not only easier to swallow but also easier to digest, which helps your body fully absorb all the nutrients. People with orthodontic problems often suffer from a bad bite so they’re not able (or find it too painful) to grind food properly. And when you swallow bigger food particles, your digestive system has to work harder to obtain enough nutrients to sustain the body. This has the potential to have a significant negative effect on your overall health.

Easier Breathing

When you have crowded or overlapping teeth, it often means the arch form alignment of your mouth has collapsed to some extent. When that happens, it reduces the amount of space within the arch. It also means there’ll be less space for the soft tissues in your mouth, mainly the tongue. This muscle will have to turn elsewhere so it can fit properly in your mouth. That somewhere just happens to be the back of your mouth, which is also your airway. Now, if you realign your teeth and move them outward, it could increase the width of your arch, leaving more room for your tongue to rest comfortably where it’s supposed to and freeing your airway of any obstacles.

A healthier smile equals a healthier you.

Clear aligner therapy is a comfortable, convenient option to correct jaw misalignment and fix bite issues. By straightening your teeth, you can enjoy health benefits such as improved digestion, better gum health, and greater self-esteem. Request an appointment through our online form if you have any questions about Invisalign clear aligners or any other orthodontic treatments and their benefits to your overall well-being. Rest assured that with our care and treatments, your oral health is in good hands.