7 Common Dental Issues That Orthodontics Can Fix

Orthodontics can fix more than crooked teeth

Our Greensboro family dentist can fix these dental problems with clear aligners.

It’s a common misconception that everyone who wears braces has crooked teeth.  This myth is understandable given that orthodontic treatment generally focuses on straightening teeth and creating a beautiful smile. But orthodontics can help treat some other lesser known dental health issues. Today, we’ll look at dental problems our Greensboro family dentist can fix using clear aligners. 

Overlapping Teeth

Overlapping teeth is perhaps the most common orthodontic problem in adults and children alike. Teeth may sometimes bunch up together, twist, and lean on each other, which can become painful at times. Having teeth that don’t line up properly can also make it difficult to brush or floss, leading to increased cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay. Your orthodontist can use clear aligners to apply gentle pressure on your teeth and shift them back into a desirable position. This will not only give you a beautiful smile, but it will also make it easier for you to chew and speak. 

Uneven Spacing

Another common malocclusion is the uneven spacing of teeth, resulting in gaps that are notorious for accumulating food particles. It may be the opposite of overlapping teeth, but spaced teeth is no less serious a dental problem. One common cause of spacing issues is an overgrown frenulum (the gum tissue between the two front teeth) that carries on into adulthood. Different tooth sizes and inadequate jaw space may also lead to uneven spaces between teeth. Clear aligners provide a convenient and fast option to align teeth, correct gap issues, and bring spaced teeth back together.

Misaligned Jaw 

Any form of tooth misalignment (think crooked or overcrowded teeth) often leads to pain or discomfort in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). People with a misaligned jaw are more likely to also suffer from facial aches, headaches, and pain in the neck, upper back, and shoulder region. Orthodontic therapy can help realign your teeth and shift the jaw back to its proper place. Besides relieving any pain or discomfort, this will also give you a regular facial structure and make you appear more attractive. 

Bite Issues

Having a misaligned bite typically affects your ability to chew. It also increases your risk of tooth damage and dental caries (cavities). While it’s true that treating such malocclusions early in life is more manageable, as long as you have good oral health, your dentist can correct bite issues at any age. Modern advancements in orthodontics have even made it possible for a “behind-the-scenes” treatment protocol through Invisalign clear aligners. Now you can fix any bite issues without anyone ever knowing you’re getting dental work done.

Gum Disease

Imagine trying to floss teeth that are bunched together and/or overlap one another. Sounds impossible, right? Most people with malocclusions would agree with you. Failing to maintain good oral hygiene allows food particles to accumulate, which may cause gum disease. With straight teeth, however, you’ll find it easier to brush and floss, which helps to keep periodontal disease at bay. Orthodontics offers various teeth straightening solutions, including Invisalign clear aligners, dental braces, and tooth reshaping.

Midline Mismatch

Basically, midline mismatch is when the centerline of your top teeth don’t line up with the ones at the bottom. When this misalignment happens, even by just a millimeter or two, it can sometimes lead to bite issues and a visibly distorted smile. In some rare cases, a midline misalignment may occur at the same time as a posterior crossbite, which is when the top back teeth sit inside the bottom back teeth. This has the potential to increase the likelihood of tooth decay, jaw pain, and periodontal disease. Clear aligners and braces are just a few treatments your Greensboro family dentist can use to correct midline misalignment.

Teeth grinding

If you suffer from bruxism, orthodontics can also help save your teeth from their nightly assault, particularly when the cause is an abnormal bite or crooked teeth. Braces or clear aligners can straighten your teeth to help ease or get rid of the grinding. It won’t be an overnight fix, but over time, the slight continuous movement of your teeth to their proper place will bring more comfort and ease.

Let’s bring that smile back to your face.

From uneven spacing to a misaligned jaw and midline mismatch, there are several dental issues that orthodontics can fix. If you reside in the Greensboro, NC, region and are in need of top-notch dental care, Farless Dental Group can give you just that. Schedule a consultation with our orthodontist today. Depending on your unique needs, we can customize a treatment plan that’s best for you. Allow us to bring a smile back to your face today!