5 Tips to Help You Go Through Summer Looking Your Best

If you’re like most people, you probably made a lot of promises to yourself during winter. You were just waiting for the snow to melt and the temperature to rise so you could get back to eating healthy, and of course, exercising. Anyone who’s ever made such declarations can tell you how hard it is to follow through. How it often feels like the grilled patio steaks and porky picnic pasta salads have your name written all over them. Farless Dental Group has put together 5 simple ways to help you live healthy and stay fit, so you can go through summer looking and, most importantly, feeling your best.

1. Go outside for fresh air and sunshine.

Few things can compare to the simple pleasure of going outside, taking in a deep cleansing breath and soaking in the sunshine. But the sun doesn’t just provide us with a much-needed mood boost—it also has other surprising health benefits. During winter you spend most of the time indoors. You probably even worked from home, grabbing a bite here and there in between assignments. Going outside for fresh air and sunshine can help relieve some of your neck and shoulder tension, improve blood circulation, and promote good overall health.

2. Eat local produce.

Did you know fruits and vegetables begin to lose nutrients within 24 hours after picking? In fact, most of the produce at the grocery store is harvested before it’s ripe so it can have a longer shelf life. Choosing to buy locally grown food means you’ll have fresher items only picked when ripe. So find your nearest farm in Greensboro and choose whatever catches your eye. Bernie’s Berries has a wonderful selection of okra, corn, and squash. Try Blueberry Hill for organic blueberries, and May’s Strawberries & Produce for tomatoes, potatoes, broccoli, and cabbages. Go to any of these farms and you’ll no doubt get your money’s worth in terms of density of nutrients and quality of products.

3. Dine at healthy restaurants.

Ask anyone who’s trying to follow a healthy lifestyle and they’ll tell you how one of their biggest challenges is trying to stick to a diet when dining out. For one, it’s difficult to control what goes into your meal, opening the door to unhealthy ingredients like salt, butter, and other unsaturated fats. Every time you eat out, it starts to feel like you’re taking a step backward in your health and fitness goals. Yet it doesn’t have to be that way. Numerous restaurants in Greensboro have only healthy food options on their menus. Vitality Bowls is one such establishment. You’ll enjoy the amazing salad bowls with superfoods like acai, graviola, acerola, and pitaya. Fast foods and healthy are two things you often don’t see together, but Grabba Green makes it work. The restaurant serves organic food items, antibiotic and hormone-free beef and poultry, whole fruits and vegetables, as well as fresh juices and smoothies. Dining out and eating healthy has never been easier.

4. Spend time outdoors.

Spending a weekend in the woods is a great way to shake up your routine and, while you’re at it, get some exercise. Whether you’re heaving the bare minimum onto your shoulder and hiking a stretch of the Nathaniel Greene Trail or camping out of the back of your minivan—simply being outdoors, surrounded by Mother Nature, is one of the best ways to de-stress. The challenging part comes when deciding what to eat. Believe it or not, it’s possible to maintain your healthy lifestyle while camping and avoid the usual hotdogs, burgers, and chips. All you need is a little bit of planning, some simple camping recipes, and the motivation to maintain your overall health and stay fit. Is there really a better time to make shrimp from a tin foil packet than when you’re camping? We don’t think so.

5. Stay up to date with your doctor and dentist.

Not too long ago, people sought medical help only when they were sick. Now, with preventive health and dental care, getting regular checkups may add 10 or so years to your life expectancy. Provided, of course, you eat a well-balanced diet and get regular exercise. Doctors can identify most health issues before they become a problem—helping you to stay on top of your health.

Since oral health has an impact on your overall well-being, you should also schedule regular dental visits (at least once every six months). At your checkup, your dentist will do a comprehensive oral evaluation as well as an assessment of your gums. Digital photos and X-rays of your teeth might be taken to identify cavities, cracked teeth, and malfunctioning restorations. Your dentist may also use CariVu, a specialized tool used to check for early signs of decay. Based on the examination, a professional dentist can recommend any necessary cosmetic dentistry treatment, like teeth whitening, veneers, or restorative dental procedures. They’ll also advise you on any changes you need to make to your dental routine to improve your oral health.

Maintain a healthy smile this summer.

A visit to the Farless Dental office in Greensboro, NC, can help you maintain a healthy smile this summer. With our cleaning and teeth whitening services, we can get your smile ready for a summer of fun. Request an appointment through our online form and come on by for a cleaning, whitening, or cosmetic dentistry treatment. We’ll make meeting your goals regarding your smile, teeth, and gums our top priority.